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New Products
Olectra Chart
Customize and Control Charts

Add scientific or business charts to your application or Web page with Olectra Chart's ActiveX control. Version 5.0 allows you to create data-aware charts that respond to changing data. An Internet security feature ensures that the control has not been altered or damaged before it is downloaded.

New native chart types include polar, radar, filled radar, HiLo, HiLoOpenClose, candle and stacking bar charts. Olectra Chart now supports scientific, accounting, currency, fraction and percent axes formats. Also included are an intuitive grid-style data editor and support for background images.

Major tabs, subtabs and buttons on property pages can be disabled to restrict user interaction with chart properties at runtime. You can hide or exclude data series from a chart, or choose a data subset for charting. The control continues to include built-in zooming and rotation, dual y-axes and logarithmic axes, and support for missing values. The program ships more than 60 demo programs with source code to help you get started quickly.

$249; upgrade, $149. KL Group, 800-663-4723, 416-594-1026.

Circle #593

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 90.

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