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New Products
In Brief

You can safely distribute your component-based application with VersionStamper 5. This version adds support for the Internet and corporate intranets by keeping an updated list of file dependencies on your Web or ftp site. If your application checks the list and finds a problem or updated file, you can notify your user, send e-mail to your company or have VersionStamper download the correct components. VersionStamper also lets you embed version information for all DLL and custom controls used by your application.



408-377-4770, fax 408-371-3530

Circle #596

Display and edit data in a Microsoft Windows Explorer-style format with ProtoView Data Explorer. You can easily browse information in a hierarchical TreeView combined with either a ListView or EditText view. The ActiveX component supports drag-and-drop between your application and Windows Explorer, and automatically keeps left and right panes synchronized. You can sort and search both panes, and Data Explorer contents can be loaded from or saved to disk.


ProtoView Development Corp.

800-231-8588, 609-655-5000

Circle #597

Include tabbed dialog boxes and wizards without VBX, OCX or ActiveX controls with Your BasicTab. The program creates code for Visual Basic 3.0 through 5.0 without requiring a distribution file in your final product. The compiled library adds about 40KB to your application. It includes 16- and 32-bit standard and class libraries, an application generator (with source), online help, 60 sample applications and a printed user guide.


Caladonia Systems

800-650-4116, 206-782-6855

Circle #598

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 90.

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