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New Products
Seagate Medalist Pro 6450
Put the Pedal to the Medal

You can never have too much space on your hard drive. The 6.4GB Seagate Medalist Pro 6450 is the latest addition to Seagate's line of ATA-interface hard drives. The drive implements magnetoresistive heads for higher areal densities and PRML read channels, which generate higher throughput during reading and writing operations.

Aided by a 512KB cache buffer, the drive has a 116 Mbps internal data-transfer rate, a seek time of less than 9.5ms and a rotational speed of 5,400rpm.

An acoustic rating of 30 dBA makes the drive whisper-quiet when it is idle. Also included with the 6450 is DiscWizard, a disk utility that assists you with installation, formatting, partitioning and circumventing any BIOS limitations. The drive is covered under a three-year limited warranty and has a 500,000-hour mean time between failures.

$640. Seagate Technology, 800-SEAGATE, 408-438-8111. Circle #559

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 88.

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