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New Products
JTS Champion C3000-3AF
Champion Is a Multimedia Contender

In the slugfest of heavyweight hard drives, JTS unleashes a new contender: the JTS Champion C3000-3AF. The 3GB drive has a transfer rate of up to 16MB per second, a sustained data-transfer rate of 3MBps, a seek time of less than 12ms and a rotation speed of 5,400rpm.

The drive utilizes embedded servo, which allows continuous data throughput for the speed and capacity necessary for full-motion video in multimedia applications.

Built around a Fast ATA-3 interface, the Champion benefits from a PRML read channel and a 256KB cache buffer. Data integrity during high throughput rates is aided by the use of triple-burst on-the-fly Error Correction Code. The drive incorporates an Adaptec chipset, including an integrated IDE controller and embedded digital signal processor.

The drive has a mean time before failure of 500,000 hours and is covered under a three-year warranty.

$299. JTS Corp., 408-468-1800, fax 408-468-1619. Circle #557

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 88.

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