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New Products
3D Software
Caligari trueSpace3
Discover a Real-Time 3D Workstation

Graphic artists, designers, technical illustrators, game designers and multimedia/Web producers can enter the next dimension with trueSpace3, which brings high-end 3D graphics and animation to midrange workstations.

The program uses real-time collision detection to position objects in 3D-perspective space. Its Sticky tool combines objects by colliding and sliding them along surfaces.

Deform the skin of an organic animal in real time as you move metaball particles with the Live Skin feature. Direct manipulation lets you perform most functions by pointing, clicking and dragging your mouse.

In 3D Paint mode, you can paint textures or bumps directly on an object. The Inverse Kinematics feature allows you to manipulate a figure's hand as the rest of the object follows. The software comes with an integrated VRML browser and support for VRML 2.0 and Direct 3D.

Forward Dynamics allows you to animate scenes by specifying materials like wood or rubber with weight or elasticity. Apply gravity, wind and other forces to a scene, then push the Play button to see realistic physical behavior, including objects falling with gravity slowed down by atmosphere density.

$795; upgrade, $299. Caligari Corp., 800-351-7620, 415-390-9600. Circle #568

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 86.

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