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New Products
Calypso 2.0
Smooth E-Mail Sailing

Navigating your e-mail can be an adventure. With Calypso 2.0 you can access and view multiple e-mail accounts from one mailbox. The program compiles messages on one screen while it identifies the e-mail account from which they originated.

The 32-bit program features replying, forwarding, return receipt, spell checking, printing and support for attachments, including MIME with Bare64 and UUencode.

Single user, $59.95; 5 users, $279.95; 20 users, $999.95; 50 users, $2,399.95. Micro Computer Systems, 800-886-4923, 972-659-1514. Circle #582

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 82.

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