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New Products
Email Reader Plus
Voice Your Response

Listen and respond to e-mail messages via your phone with Email Reader Plus. Through voice commands, this mobile communications software retrieves new mail from your mail server. You respond to an e-mail message by recording a voice message, which gets attached to your reply, or by selecting a preprogrammed response.

The program converts your message's text to speech and will read it back to you using AT&T's Watson speech recognition and text-to-speech system, and the company's patent-pending VoiceLINK engine. The Watson technology is based on BLASR Speech Recognition and FlexTalk Speech Synthesis algorithms. Working with a voice modem, Millennia's VoiceLINK engine converts spoken words into digital instructions that the computer can understand.

Fax a single e-mail message, any unread messages or a Microsoft Office e-mail attachment to any fax machine. No special voice-processing equipment is necessary for this program.

Minimum requirements include an Intel Pentium PC running at 75MHz or faster, Windows 95 and a TAPI-compliant voice modem.

$89.95. Millennia Software, 888-362-4573, fax 408-867-2281. Circle #580

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 82.

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