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New Products
In Brief

QuickMail Pro 1.5 includes a MailTicker to monitor e-mail through a dialog box that continually updates, even when the program is not running. You can launch URLs with a Web browser and share address books or groups. The 32-bit program uses the Windows Remote Access Service, which enables you to check, read and send your mail from anywhere.

$69.95; Competitive upgrade, $20; QuickMail LAN users, $15; 1.0 users, free upgrade from Web

CE Software

800-523-7638, 515-221-1801

Circle #583

With VideoLink Mail, you can record and send video and audio in a compressed file over the Internet/intranet at a file-size ratio of 2 minutes to 1MB. Because a VideoLink Mail player is included within every file, anyone capable of receiving e-mail can receive and play a VideoLink Mail message.


Smith Micro Software

800-964-7674, 714-362-5800

Circle #584

E-Mail Merge 3.1 includes an e-mail engine that supports Internet mail and MS Exchange. It also supports e-mail attachments and auto-recovery for failed e-mail addresses or SMTP time-outs.


Arial Software

888-528-8594, 503-646-4515

Circle #585

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 82.

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