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New Products
ZooWorks Research Personal 2.0
Conduct Web Research at the Zoo

If Doctor Doolittle needed to brush up on habits of the anaconda, platypus or llama, he might have tried using ZooWorks Research Personal 2.0. The program automatically remembers the URL and full text of every Web page you visit. It then creates a searchable index for offline searching and online retrieval.

Compatible with every major Web browser, ZooWorks features an improved Boolean query language that enables you to search by keywords, folders and specific dates, or just a single criterion. You can customize the type of information returned and set automatic or manual purges to remove older, unused information.

$29.95. ZooWorks Research, 800-658-1858, 408-986-9770. Circle #601

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 80.

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