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New Products
Blaze Web Performance Pack
Blaze New Web Trails

Speed up real-time Web browsing with Blaze Web Performance Pack, an integrated suite of productivity utilities designed to help you manage, online and offline, your Web surfing, indexing and bookmarking. Powered by xSpeed technology, Blaze's metasearching allows you to simultaneously search user-selected Internet search engines. Search results are filtered for duplicates and sorted in order of keyword relevance.

The program's automatic monitoring feature watches for changes made to user-selected sites. When modifications are made, you can download updated information at prescheduled times and cache new information on your hard drive for offline browsing.

Intelligent caching determines what information to retrieve based upon your past Web-surfing habits. The information is saved and dated, and unused material can be trashed. You can also set the program to preload Web pages at various stream levels, ensuring top-line or deeper-link browsing when desired.

Blaze utilizes idle modem time by searching for important information while you view on-screen material. The program will index every Web page you visit and bookmark your favorite sites.

$49.99. Datalytics, 937-226-7700, 888-497-3282. Circle #599

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 80.

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