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New Products
In Brief


TrackWeb can query product defect information through your Web browser. You can access a defect knowledge base and receive answers to problems or available workaround solutions from vendors in real time. The software works with Microsoft Internet Information Server 2.0 or higher.

TrackWeb Client, $499; TrackWeb Server, $1,495

Soffront Software

800-763-3766, 408-263-2703

Circle #602

Build, search and browse large collections of bookmarks with Powermarks 2.0. The search function can display arbitrary groups of bookmarks without sorting and filing them into individual folders. Powermarks imports both HTML and Favorite formats to maintain continuity with existing bookmark collections. New export formats include comma-delimited ASCII, RTF and HTML formatted for printing.


Kaylon Technologies

415-327-8829, fax 415-327-7107

Circle #603

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 80.

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