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New Products
Web Authoring
ActivePresenter 1.0
Web-Perfect Presentations

If rounding up all your colleagues in a single room for a business presentation is a chore, ActivePresenter 1.0 can help.

If you're a nontechnical author, ActivePresenter enables you to publish and moderate presentations over the Web without extensive HTML or graphics knowledge.

Once a presentation is created, it can be automatically published to a presentation center on the Web with a mouse click. Attendees of an Internet or telephone conference call can point their browsers to a URL and then view the presentation while a moderator uses a graphical, projector-like control panel to determine the order and pace of slides. Software Publishing Corp. will provide a site to house the presentations.

ActivePresenter's compact data size makes download time over a 14.4Kbps modem minimal. The package supports RealAudio, so a vocal presentation can be included with the graphics slides.

1-3 meeting attendees, $49.99; 4-10, $99.99; 10-50, $199.99. Software Publishing Corp., 800-557-3743, 408-537-3000. Circle #613

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 78.

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