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New Products
Web Authoring
Director 6 Multimedia Studio
Make Your Directorial Debut on the Web

With new Streaming Shockwave technology, Director 6 Multimedia Studio provides the power to create and deliver movies over the Internet via small-bandwidth connections. The streaming technology lets developers deliver rich multimedia content to Web surfers in real time without the hassle of file downloads.

The Macromedia suite also gives you the power to go beyond local, CD-based applications. With support for live updates from a Web site, a CD-based Director movie can pull data, such as current product pricing or staff information, from a site and integrate it into the local application.

The suite features a revamped object/behavior model user interface. It includes 30 behaviors for common objects such as changing a palette or going to a Web page. Director elements and animation paths can be directly viewed and modified from the program's Stage movie player. If you happen to be an advanced user, Lingo scripting language is available for more precise object control.

Director 6 Multimedia Studio also includes Extreme 3D 2, xRes 3, SoundEdit 16 2.02 and Sonic Foundry's SoundForge XP. Additionally, it features support for JavaScript, LiveConnect, DirectSound and Active Control.

$999. Macromedia, 800-326-2128, 415-252-2000. Circle #612

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 78.

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