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New Products
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Web Authoring

Create your own intranet page on your own directory with Web-It 2.0. The HTML editing/authoring tool includes template generation and auto updating. You can keep sites within your own directory, whether on a local drive or an intranet. The Table Wize Guy feature can create tables and complex forms without making you write HTML code. Other functions include frame creating, split-screen mode, image indexing and speed buttons.


Lincoln Beach Software

800-242-4775, 314-861-1500

Circle #614

PubNETics Pro 4.0 uses Structure Pattern Matching Language to find common features within large volumes of unstructured documents, thereby allowing quick processing of data. This authoring suite includes a viewer with a hyperlinked table of contents. It also lets you author material once and publish it to the Internet, intranet or CD-ROM. PubNETics API builds and embeds the PubNETics engine within applications.

Pro, $3,995; API, $6,000


303-584-9988, fax 303-584-8984

Circle #615

Webwizz provides site management for users of all levels. As a novice, you can use the multimedia tutorial, the Homepage Expert page-creation tool and the Homepage Stylist design tool. As an advanced user, you can apply prebuilt Java applets, page linking, special effects or the media library, which contains photo clip art, and video and MIDI sound clips. You also get short-term hosting on a courtesy server.


Group 32 Corp.

888-GROUP-32, 954-581-2200

Circle #616

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 78.

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