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New Products
Simply Accounting 5.0
Keep Your Accounting Simple

You no longer need to sharpen pencils when it comes to keeping the books for your small business. Simply Accounting 5.0 is a 32-bit double-entry accounting program with 17 new features.

You can fill in Ship To addresses on purchase orders and track last year's and the current year-to-date purchases. To Do Lists remind you when to pay bills, collect outstanding payments and take advantage of early-payment discounts.

A customizable interface lets you choose preferred colors and the appearance of commonly used screens. You can display any needed ledgers and journals, as well as rearrange and resize data columns.

The General Ledger prints comparative reports showing last year's financial data vs. this year's data or budget vs. actual.

The program includes customizable forms, wizards and drill-down menus, and is year 2000-compliant.

$129; upgrade, $59. Accpac International, 800-733-5445, 408-562-8800. Circle #604

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 72.

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