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New Products
Lexmark 7000 Color Jetprinter
Precision Printing Power

Put networking capabilities to the test with the Kyocera FS-7000 network laser printer. As it churns out 28ppm for letter-size paper, the printer utilizes a 66MHz PowerPC 603 processor with a 600dpi engine. With resolutions up to 2400x600dpi and an 1,100-page capacity, the unit prints 16ppm for 11-by-17-inch paper and 12.5ppm for double-sided copies.

The FS-7000 has 4MB of standard memory (upgradable to 68MB) and supports 79 resident bitmap fonts, 45 LaserJet 5Si-compatible scalable fonts and 43 standard bar codes. A Network Printing Productivity Pak featuring a 1GB hard drive will be available in the fall.

$3,750. Kyocera Electronics, 800-232-6797, 908-560-3400.

Circle #588

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 70.

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