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New Products
Optiquest Q100
Larger Screen, Lower Price

See more picture on your screen and more dollars in your wallet with the Optiquest Q100. The affordable 20-inch monitor has an 18.4-inch viewable area, measures 19.7 by 19.8 by 19.9 inches and weighs 58.3 pounds. Perfect for graphics, nonlinear editing, CAD and multitasking business applications, the Q100 delivers a 0.28mm dot pitch with a 1280x1024 resolution (maximum 1600x1280) at 80Hz.

The OnView control system displays on-screen adjustments for contrast, brightness, pincushioning and color tuning. ViewMatch color controls allow you to match screen colors to printer output. The unit is Plug-and-Play compatible and is coated with an antireflection/antiglare screen treatment. The monitor exceeds MPRII and EPA Energy Star requirements for reduced emissions and power consumption.

$1,095. Optiquest, a ViewSonic Co., 800-888-8583, 909-869-7976. Circle #575

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 68.

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