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New Products
In Brief
LCD Projectors

The Polaroid Polaview 201 LCD projector delivers high-resolution images at true SVGA 800x600 resolution with 300 ANSI lumens. It provides rear-screen projection, an on-screen menu display, an infrared remote control and wide projection distances from 2.5 feet to 54.2 feet. The Polaview 201 supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM video.


Polaroid Corp.

800-816-2611 x970, 716-256-4436

Circle #577

The Megapower Ultrabeam 892 LCD projector weighs only 20 pounds and projects 500 ANSI lumens at a 1024x768 resolution. It boasts a remote-control mouse, a built-in laser pointer, electronic zoom, stop-action freeze control, image reveal, stereo control and dual computer inputs.


Megapower Technologies

800-MEGA-321, 760-929-7750

Circle #578

The Sharp QA-2500B XGA LCD multimedia projection panel utilizes a 10-inch thin-film transistor LCD to produce 16.7 million colors. The panel has a 1024x768 resolution and ships with a universal power supply (for worldwide use), two audio inputs and built-in stereo speakers. With its wireless remote, you can control input sources, select special effects, make screen adjustments and control volume.


Sharp Electronics Corp.

800-BESHARP, 201-529-8731

Circle #579

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 68.

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