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New Products
CD-ROM Drives
Ricoh MP6200S
A Driving Force in Reading/Writing CDs

If you've been waiting for more flexibility in CD-R, the Ricoh MP6200S can help. The CD-Recordable/CD-ReWritable unit uses standard CD-R and CD-RW media that can be rerecorded up to 1,000 times. The drive is a 2X writer and a 6X reader.

The MP6200S has a SCSI-2 interface. When used as a CD-R drive, the finished CD-Rs are compatible with existing CD-ROM players. Recorded CD-RW media is backward-compatible with multiread-enabled CD-ROM drives and will be forward-compatible with future DVD players. The MP6200S can record a full CD-R or CD-RW in 37 minutes. It also supports packet writing and can write in track-at-once, disc-at-once and multisession modes. You can save files directly to a disc, or drag and drop files from Windows Explorer or File Manager to the disc's icon without using traditional premastering software.

$599. Ricoh Corp., 800-955-3453, 408-432-8800. Circle #551

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 66.

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