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New Products
In Brief

Say it, don't type it, with PC Talk. Its Voice E-mail feature lets you verbally annotate documents using its digital dictation PC Talk Recorder, which edits, indexes and forwards your recordings. Live Chat provides a voice conferencing system via the Internet/intranet, WAN or LAN connections and terminals. The PC Talk NetBoard compresses your voice as it is recorded, eliminating excess power usage and allowing you to perform other tasks uninterrupted.

PC Talk NetBoard sound card/recorder bundle, $249; $20 per module (discount for four)

PC RoaR, a division of BCB Holdings

800-263-9947, 905-948-8266

Circle #817

DialTone telephony software combines voice messaging, full-duplex speakerphone operation, caller ID, voice mail with forwarding and remote retrieval, and Fax-On-Demand capabilities in one package.

The 32-bit program can store and search for names, phone numbers, addresses and personal information throughout multiple phone books. Simultaneous voice and data allows you to transmit data while talking.


Shark Multimedia

800-800-3321, 408-987-5400

Circle #818

TeleVox 2.5 provides real-time, high-quality voice connections between one or more users over IP networks. This H.323-compliant version of Voxware's standards-based Internet telephone software lets you place calls, conduct conferences with up to five users or send voice messages to any TeleVox user. Since the program has Netscape Conference compatibility, you can place or receive calls from any Netscape Conference user.

TeleVox Pro full-featured, $29.95; free download from Web site


609-514-4100, fax 609-514-4101

Circle #819

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 63.

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