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Set the record straight

We felt several statements in your review of PartitionMagic (WinLab Reviews, April) were misleading. You attributed features to our competitor that it doesn't have and neglected to mention features our product does have, such as DriveMapper.

IBM's Boot Manager, in PartitionMagic 3.0, can be installed any time, not just before operating systems are installed. PartitionMagic has always been a 32-bit utility. Our product and its competitor both use DOS code to accomplish partitioning feats not directly possible in Windows 95. However, since PartitionMagic boots only once into MS-DOS mode, it avoids annoying, multiple reboots until the user finishes.

Eric J. Ruff

President and CEO, PowerQuest Corp.

via the Internet

Windows Magazine, July 1997, page 25.

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