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The Top 20 Business Sites

The world's best techniques, tips and free software

-- by James Bell, Richard Castagna, Lynn Ginsburg, Amy Helen Johnson, Cynthia Morgan, John D. Ruley, Paul Silverman, John J. Yacono

Nowadays, we simply call it "The Web," shorthand for the World Wide Web. But spend a few hours online and it's clear that there is, indeed, a world of information out there. And if you want to serve up your company's story or your own curriculum vitae, the Web gives you a global audience of mind-boggling proportion.

With hundreds of thousands of active Web sites and tens of millions of users logging in, the sea of information swells daily. Before you can surf the Net, you may have to learn to manage all that information. And, if the Web seems the likely way to get your company's message out, you need to do everything you can to look like one of the big fish in the sea.

To cull useful data from the Web or to add to its informational riches, you need the right tools. On the following pages you'll find the best of these tools-pointers to products that will get you on the Web, help you find your way around and make sure you can handle the staggering amount of information you'll discover. We've got those on the serving side of the Web equation covered, too, with the best server, Web-authoring and multimedia software.

Our browser bonanza describes the best browsers and key programs you plug into or use alongside your browser so that you can fully experience sophisticated multimedia sites and manage all the information the Web yields. We also point you to the best search facilities available today, so you can find what you want, when you want it. Your physical link to the Web is covered, too, with our suggestions for the best hardware for a speedy Internet connection-whatever your budget.

In less than a year's time, Web-site creation has come down from its lofty perch of UNIX, HTML and other four-letter buzzwords, to genuinely user-friendly server and authoring tools. Our selections here represent not only the easiest to use, but some of the most advanced Web-server, security and application software available.

Well Connected: Browsers Get Better