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The Web
A wide variety of Internet-related products let you spin a Web of your own.

Add a new way to mark time to your inner clock: Web time. Previously, software publishers counted on a product life cycle of six months to a year before their applications needed refreshing. But the Web has blown away this convention and become a launching pad for beta tests, trial-sized apps, demos and "liteware"--with new products and upgrades available for download at an unprecedented rate.

First, we saw the authoring app. Scores of companies introduced solutions that promised relief from the rigors of cryptic HTML coding. The key concept was WYSIWYG. Whether you need simple fonts or complex tables, frames and forms, Web authoring has become as easy as using your favorite word processor.

The explosion of Web content quickly created the need for effective management tools. Web software vendors again promptly responded with tools that can scan your site and generate detailed reports on all objects there, and file converters that can plow through the mountains of data, with on-the-fly HTML translation.

The need to distribute content is also being addressed. Whether you need a simple site to distribute your company's phone directory or the means to set up a revenue-generating cybershop, the architecture is there for the taking and scaling.

The user side of the Web has also received ample attention. The Web can still be intimidating, but super-charged browsers and personalized search engines are making navigating the Web's billions of bits and bytes a little more manageable.

The coming year is likely to usher in even more advanced Web applications. Browsers will not just take their place on your desktop--they're likely to take over that space. New tools will make browsing a more enriching experience, with advancements in multimedia delivery techniques leading the way. The clever efficiency of the intranet will surely induce software developers to create Web document-creation programs that will effectively bring Web publishing to everyone.






The Web: The Winners

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