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Agent .99
Forté's Agent .99 may be the best Windows-based Internet newsreader available today. The program aggressively tracks message traffic on the Usenet, keeps logs of posts and follows threads of discussions. Agent .99's most outstanding feature is the watch/kill filter list. You can create rules for specific newsgroups, forcing Agent .99 to automatically download, keep and thread certain types of articles. Download, $29; floppy disk, $40 Forté, 619-431-6496, fax 619-431-6497. Winfo #673. Go to Full Review

EchoSearch 1.07
EchoSearch is an indispensable metasearch aid, especially if you spend time paging through the deluge of documents returned by search engines. EchoSearch hotlinks keywords and relevant headings, which can jump within the document or to the Web page. $29.95 Iconovex Corp., 800-943-0292 x37, 612-896-5100. Winfo #674. Go to Full Review

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
Its attractive, easy-to-use interface, coupled with its ActiveX support, make Internet Explorer 3.0 a spectacular product. Microsoft built IE 3.0 to operate seamlessly with what's already on your system. This means any other ActiveX app on your system automatically works with IE 3.0. Click on a link to a Word file, for instance, and the IE 3.0 browser window gains Word's toolbars. For intranets, this may mean existing files won't have to be converted to HTML for them to be viewable with a browser. Free Microsoft Corp., 800-426-9400, 206-882-8080. Winfo #675. Go to Full Review

NetAttaché Pro 2.2
NetAttaché Pro is a jack-of-all-trades program that organizes bookmarks, downloads Web sites and schedules smart page updates. It's also a query tool that can simultaneously search an unlimited number of Web engines and download the results. $49.95 Tympani Development, 408-735-9555, fax 408-735-9550. Winfo #676. Go to Full Review

Netscape Communicator
Navigator 4.0 is now part of Netscape's Communicator, a suite of Internet utilities. All of Communicator's parts--Navigator, Composer HTML editor, Messenger e-mail client, Collabra newsgroup reader and Conference real-time conferencing software--will delight both beginners and power surfers, thanks to a new look and feel. Under the hood are new features certain to please Web page designers, such as HTML element layering, full support of HTML Level 3.2 (including HTML stylesheets), faster JavaScript and new Java applet options. $39; upgrade from Navigator, $29 Netscape Communications Corp., 415-528-2555, fax 415-528-4124. Winfo #677. Go to Full Review

WebCompass 2.0
Use WebCompass 2.0 to navigate the Web. It covers more search engines than its competitors, allows more complex queries and downloads complete page links. The program also produces informative search summaries and can organize an HTML search database with cross-referenced topics. WebCompass can scan the content of downloaded pages and group or cross-index the information. $49.95 Quarterdeck Corp., 800-683-6696, 813-523-9700. Winfo #678. Go to Full Review


Eudora Pro 3.0
Eudora Pro 3.0 matches most other mail programs for composing, replying to and forwarding messages, but it stands out when it comes to mail management. It's slicker than any other mailer at routing messages on the fly to customized folders, and this version improves on version 2.2's already excellent message-filtering system. You can manage multiple e-mail addresses through the program's "personalities." Eudora now lets you edit and resave incoming messages, and establish boilerplate text as "stationery." Text can be formatted with standard word processing formats, and you can go directly to a Web URL by clicking on it from inside the Eudora message. File attachments, which the program handles superbly, whether in MIME, BinHex or UUencode format, now appear in the message as icons, with which you can launch the associated program. $89; online, $69; upgrade, $39; online upgrade, $29 Qualcomm, 800-2-EUDORA, 619-658-1291. Winfo #679. Go to Full Review


Adobe Acrobat 3.0
Adobe Acrobat delivers picture-perfect, platform-independent documents with the greatest of ease. Acrobat doesn't need the Web to perform its wizardry, but, as a tool for turning existing documents into Web content, Acrobat is unparalleled. The program can exchange information across any of 13 platforms via the Internet, an intranet or another network environment. The page layout and design creation tool produces exact replicas of documents that you can read on any system that has a PDF-compatible Web browser or an Acrobat viewer. No document-creation desktop should be without it. $295 Adobe Systems, 800-272-3623, 408-536-6000. Winfo #680. Go to Full Review

HotDog Pro 3.0
HotDog Pro is a powerful Web-authoring program that can grow with your company and let you design snazzy Web sites with all the slick style of the big guys. This mighty program lets you see your changes as you make them, preview your page in multiple browsers, make clickable image maps, spell-check your document and check your HTML syntax. HotDog Pro's online help offers everything from extensive HTML tutorials to explanations of the finer points of Netiquette. $79.95 Sausage Software, 800-711-6030, 714-250-7262. Winfo #681. Go to Full Review

HoTMetaL PRO 3.0
Forge winning Web pages without sweating over HTML code with HoTMetaL PRO 3.0. HoTMetaL features a WYSIWYG environment, as well as buttons, pull-down menus and customizable toolbars, which let you format text, create lists, insert various forms, choose your page's color schemes, and add images and page links. The interface is fully drag-and-drop; you can create links or insert text and image files by dragging them from a Microsoft Internet Explorer window. HoTMetaL's most notable feature is its Frame Editor. Create a new blank page, and HoTMetaL automatically inserts all necessary coding. $129 SoftQuad, 800-387-2777, 416-544-9000. Winfo #682. Go to Full Review

HTML Transit 2.0
HTML Transit 2.0 can transport your legacy documents to HTML files ready to be displayed on your site. This HTML conversion software supports tables, frames, custom tags and the insertion of Java applets. HTML Transit 2.0 automatically renders HTML tables from source files. The Transit Wizard lets you pick a background, align and choose separators for the first two levels of a heading, and split the file into multiple Web pages with navigation buttons. $495; upgrade, $99 InfoAccess, 800-344-9737, 206-747-3203. Winfo #683. Go to Full Review

NetObjects Fusion 2
NetObjects Fusion 2 isn't just another Web-page designer--it's a superb tool for building Web pages and managing Web sites. Fusion works more like a desktop publishing program than a typical HTML design program. It provides incredibly powerful but simple-to-learn features, from the flowchart-like visual layout tool to the SiteStyles feature that adds pizzazz to your pages. $695 NetObjects, 888-449-6400, 415-482-3200. Winfo #684. Go to Full Review

Spin a Web site in a flash with QuickSite. Start your Web work with a wizard that guides you through the creation of an entire Web site--not just a single page. QuickSite's wizard gives you a choice of three starting points, each differing in complexity. Besides your home page, you can have menu, text and form pages. Double-click on a page to finish your design by adding text, images and links to other pages in your project or to other sites. $99 DeltaPoint, 408-648-4000, fax 408-648-4020. Winfo #685. Go to Full Review

Web Publisher 1.1
There are many tools for creating new HTML pages, but Web Publisher 1.1 can turn almost any existing electronic file into good-looking HTML. This program quickly and intelligently guesses the meaning of typographical conventions. The software can create interfile links, based on the order of the files you set up, at the top and bottom of each file. It can also set up intrafile links to speed navigation within a file, adding them during the conversion process or in HTML created with other tools. $495 SkiSoft Publishing Corp., 800-662-3622, 617-863-1876. Winfo #686. Go to Full Review


HAHTsite 2.0
HAHTsite 2.0 uses a unique object-oriented system for creating, deploying and managing Web sites. HAHTsite's greatest strength is its ability to abstract the way Web pages work. You can define lists of objects (links, site names, widgets, Java code or ActiveX programs) for every page. If you insert a link into an HTML page, you're not inserting the text of the link, but rather, a reference to the link stored elsewhere in the HAHTsite object library. This allows you to make extremely powerful global changes to links just by changing a single object, rather than through tedious search-and-replace operations. $995; NT Server, $4,995 HAHT Software, 888-GET-HAHT, 919-786-5100. Winfo #687. Go to Full Review

IntraBuilder 1.0
Construct databases and HTML interfaces for your data quickly and easily with Borland's IntraBuilder. Included are tools for creating everything from JavaScript forms to SQL queries to be hosted on your Windows NT or Windows 95 Web server. IntraBuilder can design reports and data from scratch, or it can work with Borland's experts (the company's version of wizards) to build home pages, reports, tables or JavaScript forms. $99.95; Professional, $499.95; Client/Server, $1,995 Borland International, 800-331-0877, 408-431-1000. Winfo #688. Go to Full Review

Visual Café 1.0
Visual Café 1.0 applies its special blend of ease of use and a powerful development environment to Java. All of Visual Café's tools are synchronized. For example, drop a button from the toolbar onto a form, and code to create the button will appear in the edit window. Visual Café not only concurrently updates components and layouts, it also displays them live. The form-design window runs Java; conforming components can display exactly the same components that they would when running an applet or in a Web browser. If you opt to use Java layout managers, each component is placed in the design window by the actual layout manager that will place it at runtime. $199 Symantec Corp., 800-441-7234, 541-334-6054. Winfo #689. Go To Full Review

WebAnalyzer 1.1
WebAnalyzer can perform Web site examinations and--based on its findings--recommend a good course of therapy. This Web site maintenance utility checks every page, file and link on a Web site, tracing broken links, missing images and redundancies, and making sure each "mailto" works. The program generates a site map and can build a hypertext report detailing its findings. After completing its analysis, WebAnalyzer lets you save its Web inventory as a completed project. $79.95 InContext Corp., 800-263-0127, 416-922-0087. Winfo #690. Go to Full Review

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