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These winning utilities do it all, from keeping your system safe from viruses to cleaning up your hard drive.

You may spend thousands of dollars on a new PC, hardware peripherals and splashy software, but your system's not complete until you add those "second-thought" programs--utilities that go for about $50 a pop. Utilities are the blue-collar workers in the software world. If they haven't already done so, they'll probably save your computing life one day.

So it's not surprising that utilities dominate the best-selling software lists, and they also make up a big chunk of the Win 100 software. These programs protect your system from viruses, do your system's housekeeping and handle chores ranging from simplifying macros to telling you when you've stayed online too long.

Our winning utilities can help you view and manage files better, get superior file compression, speed up your CDs, cruise the Internet, partition disks, diagnose system problems, facilitate backups and properly uninstall programs.

File viewers support up to 200 file types, work as ActiveX controls and view e-mail attachments. Backup utilities let you treat tape drives just like disk drives for drag-and-drop backup and storage. Zip programs also support drag and drop to simplify file compression, a must when you consider the sizes of files. Macro utilities let you use a couple of hotkeys instead of a series of keystrokes.

Antivirus programs are just about mandatory, due to a proliferation of macro viruses. The best of these programs now use the Internet to upgrade their virus lists, helping to combat the constant creation of new viruses. Many other new utilities take advantage of the Internet as well. Diagnostic programs, for example, can use Internet push technology to direct you to program patches and updates.

Most of the Win 100 utilities are for Windows 95, but some also work with NT. Look for NT utilities, as well as those for Windows CE, to become more common in the near future. With the arrival of new utilities, these versions of Windows will be simpler and safer to use.


Utilities: The Winners

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