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ColorFast 1.0
Use the drivers in ColorFast 1.0 instead of Windows drivers, and you'll have far more control over the quality and speed of your color ink jet's output. The package lets you fine-tune print resolutions, the halftone pattern used and color settings such as brightness, contrast, saturation and RGB. ColorFast's most stunning feature is print-quality improvement. It doesn't do as well with monochrome output, but you can easily switch to the printer's original driver for black-and-white printing. ColorFast 1.0 currently supports most HP DeskJet and Canon BJC ink jet printers. $40 LaserTools Corp., 510-420-1319, fax 510-420-1150. Winfo #723. Go to Full Review

Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit
Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit inoculates your Windows 95 system from viruses, both the crippling and the just-plain-annoying types. Its WinGuard lurks in the background and checks a file's condition as you access it. You can schedule regular virus scans or manually run a virus check from Dr Solomon's dialog box. The program scans your hard disk and floppy drives for as many as 10,000 viruses. The good doctor also provides an online encyclopedia that lists nearly 300 common viruses. It provides a description of each bug's evil intent, explains how it works and discusses any known variations. $125 Dr Solomon's Software, 800-701-9648, 617-273-7400.
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Kensington MouseWorks
Turn your unassuming rodent into a powerhouse critter. MouseWorks, when used in conjunction with a Kensington Mouse, beats the Windows 95 right-click menu for convenience. You can program MouseWorks to enter a predefined string of keystrokes such as your name and address when you click on a button. You can also set a button to simulate a combination of mouse buttons and keystrokes such as Shift+Click, and to trigger common Windows tasks such as selecting a word or closing a window. You get six mouse trail options. It ships with Kensington 2- and 4-button mice. Free upgrade via the Web; disks, $19.95 Kensington, 800-535-4242, 415-572-2700.
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Keyboard Express 1.5
Macro maniacs will appreciate Keyboard Express 1.5. The program lets you substitute a couple of hotkeys for a series of keystrokes and lets you edit your keystrokes within the macro. You can assign up to 5,000 keystrokes to as many as 364 hotkeys; you can use a Keyboard Express hotkey to launch a program or a document, to insert timed delays or to pause the macro's playback. You can load and save multiple hotkey definition sets for different applications, temporarily deactivate hotkeys and print active hotkey lists for reference. $24.95 Insight Software Solutions, 801-295-1890, fax 801-299-1781.
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Keyview 5.1
This powerful utility lets you preview just about every file format around. It also compresses, encodes or decodes, converts formats and mails files. The viewer saves examined files in all supported formats. It also maintains an interface consistent with the type of data you're browsing. Spreadsheets appear in a gridded format; HTML documents have hotlinks. Keyview's Utilities submenu makes the program Internet friendly. You can encode and decode zip-compress, UUEncode, Binhex-encode, TAR and Z format files with a single right click. Keyview also supports viewing QuickTime, AVI, MPEG, WAV and MIDI files. $49.95 FTP Software, 800-866-6539, 403-213-8900.
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Kurzweil Voice 2.0
Kurzweil Voice 2.0 makes it possible to "speak" your text faster and--most important--more accurately than you can input it on a keyboard. Give system commands using continuous dictation, without pauses between words. To put text on the screen, add a sharp, short pause between words. As you speak into the microphone, Kurzweil Voice displays your words in a small window. It offers suggestions for sounds it doesn't understand. The program comes with a microphone headset that you plug into your sound card. $695; upgrade, $295 Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, 800-380-1234, 617-893-5151.
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Lotus ScreenCam 97
Lotus ScreenCam 97 essentially turns your PC into a VCR that records every click, scroll and action displayed on your monitor. Along with capturing keystrokes and mouse movements, you can also add captions and voice to the recording. A pause button lets you stop recording and create a segment in the screentrack (the "movie" you create). Segments are automatically indexed in the order recorded and can be assigned menu labels and descriptions. In addition, the program lets you rearrange segments to alter the sequence shown. ScreenCam 97 lets you save in .AVI format, resize your screentrack and assign long filenames. Improvements include OLE 2 support, 32-bit performance and enhanced memory management. $129 Lotus Development Corp., 800-343-5414, 617-577-8500.
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Luckman's Zip
Luckman's Zip brings drag-and-drop simplicity to the zip world, and it's a pleasure to use. It builds in many of the most popular zip tools, such as the ability to create multidisk zipped files or self-extracting files. The package offers File Manager/Explorer-like management in the lower half of a resizable window; all you have to do is click on the folder, and it displays the list of files. Luckman's Zip serves up info about file contents, including name, original size, creation date and attributes. It also informs you of finished size, ratio of reduction and path. In addition to converting TAR, G-zipped TAR and LZH files, Luckman's Zip supports UUEncode and UUDecode, which makes files from most systems easily readable. You have to extract only the files you need, not the entire archive. $29.95 Luckman Interactive, 800-711-2676, 213-614-0966.
Winfo #729.

MediaAgent for CDs 1.0
MediaAgent tracks CDs by "reregistering" them every time they're inserted into a network CD-ROM drive. You can access discs whether or not you actually have a CD-ROM drive on your local machine. And, like a friendly librarian, it even puts you on a waiting list to access popular discs. An Add New CD Wizard pops up if the disc's not already registered. To access registered discs, you use additional commands within File Manager or Windows Explorer. You can also restrict access to sensitive CDs, catalog existing CDs and log usage by user or group. 10 users, $495 Media Path Technologies, 800-357-0697, 609-222-0500.
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Norton AntiVirus 2.0
Norton AntiVirus 2.0 ranks high among the leading antivirus programs in preventing infection from multiple attacks, detecting and cleaning infections, and ease of use. Its Auto-Protect feature caught every virus thrown at it. It offers disposition options. You can stop the system and deny access; attempt to clean, delete and rename a file; or ignore the infected file. Resolve the situation with a single button click. Auto-Protect successfully guards against attaching or decoding infected e-mail attachments in Microsoft Exchange, Netscape Navigator and Eudora. The feature-rich program for Windows 95 and NT has a file inoculation procedure that monitors your system files by default. It can also be set to watch other files. The LiveUpdate feature automatically downloads new virus patterns from the Internet. $69.95 Symantec Corp., 800-441-7234, 408-253-9600.
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PowerDesk 2.0
PowerDesk's two-part program replaces Windows 95's built-in Explorer, Find and Registry with better tools. The PowerDesk component supplies quick access to programs and displays graphic representations of disk usage and CPU utilization. The ExplorerPlus component, a superb Windows Explorer replacement, lets you perform all the standard tasks plus view files in two horizontal or vertical panes. The utility adds the ability to print a folder tree or file list, as well as to set up commonly used paths and programs for quick navigation. It also lets you create zipped-file archives and view their contents; encrypt and decrypt files; permanently destroy files; and access Start button options from the Windows 95 toolbar. $39.95 Mijenix Corp., 800-MIJENIX, 608-277-1981.
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Quick View Plus 4.0
How do you view a file when you don't have an application for the file's format? Use Quick View Plus 4.0. This version supports 200 file formats and prints files with a right-mouse click from within Explorer or many common dialog boxes, such as File/Open. Quick View Plus does the job more quickly than if you opened and printed from within the file's original application. It supports sophisticated spreadsheet features such as text wrapping within cells, as well as columns, headers, footers and page numbers within word processing files. You can attach Quick View Plus to the side or bottom of an Explorer window, then drag and drop files from the Explorer to Quick View to see them. Within the Quick View window, you can zoom in and out; change the view (from text to hex, for example); and search for words within text-based documents. $59; upgrade, $29 Inso Corp., 800-333-1395, 617-753-6500.
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Seagate Backup Exec 1.15 for Windows 95
This program includes the functions that Windows 95's Backup applet lacks. It fills Windows 95's backup gaps with features such as Registry backup and support for a variety of tape units, and it's not flustered by the long filenames that trip up Win3.x backup programs. The program provides two easy ways of selecting files to back up: Use the Backup Wizard or manually select drives, directories and files (modified or normal) by clicking on check marks in an Explorer-like hierarchical tree display. You can either immediately run your backup or schedule it for later. The scheduler lets you set parameters such as "all files in the Document directory" or "all files on drive C." Restore options are as easy to understand and use. Backup Exec supports a range of backup devices, including parallel, SCSI and floppies, but does not work with older QIC 40 devices. $99 Seagate Software, 800-327-2232, 604-681-3435.
Winfo #734.

UnInstaller 4
An old file here, an obsolete application there--it all adds up. UnInstaller 4 easily finds and eliminates these major space wasters. The first time you run the program, it builds a SmartLinks database of file and application dependencies. Thereafter, the program quickly scans for changes. The File Cleanup feature looks for "disconnected" files--shortcuts to nonexistent applications and incorrect Registry entries. UnInstaller places a colored bullet next to each such file. Right-click to see what the object uses (the DLLs it calls, for example) and which objects depend on it. Cleanup lets you delete programs in your Start directory, on your Desktop or anywhere on your hard drive. It offers wizard-like instructions. Before taking action, UnInstaller shows you a preview of what it will do, and its Undo will stop any deletion. $39.95 Luckman Interactive, 800-711-2676, 213-614-0966.
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Virtual CD-ROM
Virtual CD-ROM transforms part of your hard drive into multiple, fast and virtual CD-ROM drives. The processing is unbelievably simple, and the results are impressive. It builds CD-ROM images by compressing the contents of a CD-ROM into a "container" file (one per CD, which the program places on your local or network drive). Define up to 24 virtual drives, then load the compressed image into any of them, as with a normal CD-ROM drive. Because Virtual CD-ROM emulates a CD-ROM drive at the device layer level, your virtual drives appear as regular drive letters in Explorer. Virtual CD-ROM also supports Windows 95's AutoPlay, so when you load an image, it's as though you just inserted the original CD into a CD-ROM drive. The program includes an eject button and a six-step wizard to get you started. It runs in the foreground, background or after hours, and is handy for loading CD files on notebooks. $69.95 Microtest, 800-526-9675, 602-952-6400.
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