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Storage Systems
These drives meet the demand for speed, space and portability.

Storage products in the Win 100 group reflect today's obsession with size and speed. When it comes to your precious data, no product can hold too much or access it too quickly. And no technology is too advanced if it can make your data portable and easy to manipulate.

The lone hard disk on last year's Win 100 list held a little over 1GB. Yet today, at the top of Quantum's Bigfoot CY line is a 5.25-inch hard drive with a formatted capacity of 6.5GB. It's just a matter of time until that becomes too small. Storage needs keep increasing greatly, thanks in large part to the demands of Windows 95, space-hungry office applications and files, and more sophisticated graphics and multimedia files. These forces will continue to challenge mass-storage suppliers to provide higher capacity at a lower cost per megabyte.

CD-ROM drives keep raising the bar for transfer and access times. The Win 100 includes 12X drives with transfer rates exceeding 1800KB per second and access times dipping below 120 milliseconds. Prices are dipping as well; 12X CD-ROM drives cost as little as $200.

What more could you want from a storage device? How about portability? Thanks to new technologies in removable media, devices now combine the speed and capacity advantages of hard disks with the portability of floppies. When you run out of storage space, just pop in another disk.

Increased speed and capacity are patterns that will continue in the area of storage systems--and the products on the Win 100 list exemplify the most innovative uses of these new technologies. Magnetic media drives, phase-change rewritable drives, magneto-optical drives and floptical drives are all represented.

(Three products among our favorites--the TEAC CD-56E and CD-58E CD-ROM drives and the Quantum Fireball 1280 hard disk--have recently been replaced by newer models. They were unavailable for review at press time.)







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