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Maxtor DiamondMax 85120A
The DiamondMax 85120A is a 5GB enhanced IDE hard drive that offers an unbeatable combination of affordable price, speed and vast storage capacity. The drive scored a scorching 5.6MBps uncached throughput on our benchmark tests. The DiamondMax has an impressive average seek time of 9.7ms. The DiamondMax can fit 1280MB of data on each of its four disks, for a total of 5120MB. The UltraDSP drive electronics architecture uses a single chip for the processor and the drive interface. This results in fewer parts overall. $449 Maxtor Corp., 800-2-MAXTOR, 303-651-6000. Winfo #697. Go To Full Review

Quantum Bigfoot CY 6.4
The Quantum Bigfoot CY will give your apps and data some elbow room. The Bigfoot CY is a 5.25-inch, 6.4GB drive with a magnetoresistive head. Its high capacity and low price add up to about 6 cents per megabyte. The Bigfoot CY spins at 3,600rpm, with a rated maximum internal data-transfer rate of 92.6MBps and an average seek time of less than 14ms. Bigfoot's documentation is clear and complete, and it's a snap to install. $395 Quantum Corp., 800-624-5545, 408-894-4000. Winfo #698. Go To Full Review

Quantum Fireball TM 3.2GB Ultra SCSI
The Quantum Fireball TM 3.2GB Ultra SCSI hard drive complements its capacity with outstanding performance, clocking an uncached data throughput of 1.1MBps on our benchmark tests. This Ultra SCSI drive has a 10.5ms seek time, a 4,500rpm rotational speed and an estimated 400,000-hour mean time between failures. $415 Quantum Corp., 800-624-5545, 408-894-4000. Winfo #699. Go To Full Review


Olympus SYS.230
The SYS.230 is a personal magneto-optical storage system that's available in three configurations: external and internal SCSI models, and a universal model that includes a parallel port adapter. The 8-by-6-by-2-inch unit weighs about 2 pounds and uses a 230MB, ISO standard rewritable SYS.Disk. The SYS.230 has a seek time of less than 27ms with a 2.4MBps transfer rate. The versatile universal model can be used with desktop and notebook systems. A rotary switch sets the SCSI ID, and another switch provides built-in SCSI termination. External, $359; internal, $299; universal, $389 Olympus America, 800-347-4027, 516-844-5000. Winfo #700. Go To Full Review

SyQuest EZFlyer 230
Slip a 230MB cartridge into the EZFlyer 230 and watch it soar. This removable media drive has an average access time of 13.5ms and a burst data-transfer rate of up to 4MBps (2.4MBps sustained rate) for the SCSI version and 1.25MBps for the parallel version (the maximum rate the port can handle). Installing the drive is easy; using it is also a breeze, thanks to included utilities for formatting disks and backing up data. The EZFlyer 230 holds a 230MB cartridge and can read and write EZ135 cartridges. A pull-down flap in the front of the drive helps keep out dust, and a topside window lets you see the cartridge's label. Two lights on the front of the unit indicate power on/off and activity mode (full power or standby). SyQuest's EZFlyer 230 is light enough to be portable, rugged enough for constant use and quiet enough so you won't know it's there. $299 SyQuest Technology, 800-245-2278, 510-226-4000. Winfo #701. Go To Full Review

SyQuest SyJet 1.5GB
The SyJet 1.5GB drive is a jack of all drives. The internal SCSI model can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The drive also comes in external SCSI, external parallel and internal EIDE versions. SyJet's specs approach those of a hard disk: an average access time of less than 12ms, a maximum sustained data-transfer rate of almost 7MBps and a SCSI burst rate of 10MBps (thanks, in part, to the built-in 512KB intelligent caching buffer). Under Windows 95, installation is painless. After you've hooked up the SCSI cables and set the SCSI ID, Windows recognizes the SyJet as a removable drive without the need for additional drivers. The floppy disk-based installation program adds SyJet utilities for formatting, scanning and write protecting the cartridges. The SyQuest EZBackup Utility is easy to use: Just check the files you want to back up or restore, or use wildcards to select or exclude files. Internal SCSI, $399; external SCSI, $499; external parallel port, $599; internal EIDE, $399 SyQuest Technology, 800-245-2278, 510-226-4000. Winfo #702. Go To Full Review


Mylex/BusLogic FlashPoint DL
The BusLogic's FlashPoint DL dual-channel controller proves you can't have too much of a good thing. Its two Ultra SCSI channels connect up to 12 devices, while requiring only one PCI slot. BusLogic integrates the latest SCSI innovations, such as support for SCAM-compliant devices (which automatically configure themselves) and bootable CD-ROM configurations. Thanks to the FlashPoint's jumperless design, you don't have to remove the card every time you need to change a setting. Press Ctrl+B at boot time to view an easy-to-use, menu-based configuration screen. Each of the adapter's channels shows up separately, and each can be configured independently of the other. $269 Mylex/BusLogic, 408-492-9090, fax 408-492-1542. Winfo #703. Go To Full Review


Tandberg PantherMini 4600
The Tandberg PantherMini 4600 tape backup is a fast creature that can hold 2.3GB worth of uncompressed data or 4.6GB of compressed data. The PantherMini's 24.2MB-per-minute speed is impressive. The drive uses a SCSI-2 connection and accepts QIC 3210XL tapes. The unit has power and read/write activity lights on the front panel; it loads tapes behind a dust-protection door. Installation is simple. Windows 95 recognizes the unit when you plug it in and connect it to your SCSI card. Internal, $499; external, $629 Tandberg Data, 800-826-3237, 805-579-1000. Winfo #704. Go To Full Review

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