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Ink Jet and Page Printers | Multifunction Devices


Canon BJC-620
The Canon BJC-620 Bubble Jet printer is a little speed demon that prints 1.7ppm in color and 3ppm in black. The BJC-620's driver lets you select the best combination of print resolution (720x720dpi, 360x360dpi or 180x180dpi), paper quality and print quality to get the best results. Color images show true reds, blues and greens, and good-quality magentas--a color that's sometimes difficult for ink jet printers. You need only replace a single color's cartridge; the black cartridge comes in a double-capacity version. The BJC-620 comes with Canon's Creative 2 software for creating stationery, certificates, newsletters, flyers, T-shirt transfers and greeting cards. While you can have fun with the BJC-620, make no mistake: This is also a serious business printer. $399 Canon Computer Systems, 800-848-4123, 714-438-3000. Winfo #705. Go To Full Review

Canon BJC-4550
The BJC-4550 produces stunning output--whether it's connected to a PC or a Mac. Its 720x360dpi resolution produces printouts that rival those turned out by more expensive laser and wax-thermal printers. It can print on a variety of media types, including standard letter-sized paper, legal and ledger paper, and A4, A5 and B5 sheet sizes. Like the BJC-620, the BJC-4550 comes with Canon's Creative 2 program, one of the most comprehensive software packages we've seen bundled with a printer. $499 Canon Computer Systems, 800-848-4123, 714-438-3000. Winfo #706. Go To Full Review

Epson Stylus Color 600
This replacement for Epson's popular Stylus Color 500 printer is more than just a simple upgrade. The 600's eye-popping, low-cost output is visibly better than its predecessor's. The printer's maximum resolution for plain paper is 720x720dpi, and Photo Quality mode used with coated paper yields realistic images at up to 1440x720dpi. The printer is rated at 6ppm for black and 4ppm for color printing at 360x360dpi. Its drivers let you control or enhance color and adjust graphics files; a Vivid setting intensifies colors and lightens midtones and highlights. The rear-feed input tray holds 100 sheets or 10 envelopes, and output is collected in the front by a telescoping tray. The software bundle includes Sierra Print Artist, Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Epson's Funtastic Fonts. $299 Epson America, 800-463-7766, 310-782-0770. Winfo #707. Go To Full Review

Epson Stylus Color 800
This ink jet printer could set a standard for both color and monochrome ink jet printing. The Stylus Color 800 weighs 14.3 pounds and, with its paper feeder guide and receiver tray extended, measures 12.4 by 18.7 by 24 inches. The friction mechanism for feeding paper from the top and ejecting it into the bottom tray reliably handles a variety of paper weights, including envelopes. The Stylus Color 800 produces jaw-dropping photo-realistic output. This newly designed printer precisely shoots ink drops at the paper, resulting in crisp monochrome or color images. This also allows the printer to achieve a superfine 1440x720dpi resolution. $449 Epson America, 800-463-7766, 310-782-0770. Winfo #708. Go To Full Review

HP DeskJet 870Cse
The HP DeskJet 870Cse can print up to 8ppm in monochrome and 4ppm in color, with crisp, clean text at 600x600dpi. You'll get excellent results with both premium and plain paper. The company's RealLife Imaging System with Color Resolution Enhancement technology achieves bright and sharp colors at 600x300dpi. HP has made progress dampening the stacking mechanism that organizes output, making the 870Cse easy on your eardrums. It handles paper sizes up to 8.5 by 14 inches and includes 126 TrueType fonts. $499 Hewlett-Packard Co., 800-752-0900, 408-246-4300. Winfo #709. Go To Full Review


Tektronix Phaser 350
The Tektronix Phaser 350 is a full-color business printer, suitable for network use with 300x300dpi and 600x300dpi modes. The Phaser 350 uses solid ink sticks, transferring an entire page of wax ink directly onto the unit's image transfer drum and then onto the paper in a single pass. The resulting output is bright and clear. The printer needs no toner or developer, and you can replace each ink stick individually when it runs out. The only other item to install is a plastic maintenance tray. The Phaser 350's signature characteristic, however, is its cost per page. An average page with approximately 5 percent color coverage, such as an article reprint or business report, costs about a nickel to print. $3,495 Tektronix, 800-835-6100, 503-682-7377. Winfo #715. Go To Full Review


Brother HL-720
The Brother HL-720 laser printer offers true 600x600dpi resolution. The printer's output quality is crisp, and its straight paper path helps reduce jams. Designed specifically for Windows printing, the HL-720 installs easily, so you'll have it up and running just minutes after taking it out of the box. If you don't need color printing, this inexpensive unit makes an excellent alternative to an ink jet. Despite its diminutive size, the HL-720 has a sturdy look and feel. You can load A4, letter, legal, B5 and A5 paper sizes, with weights from 16 to 42 pounds. The paper tray holds up to 100 sheets, and you can also print transparencies, postcards and labels. $349.99 Brother International Corp., 800-276-7746, 908-356-8880. Winfo #716. Go To Full Review

HP LaserJet 5L Xtra
eauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but most everyone who sees the HP LaserJet 5L Xtra agrees it's stunning. Measuring 9 by 13.2 by 12.3 inches and weighing 15.7 pounds, this 600x600dpi laser printer offers high-quality monochrome output for about 2 cents per page at a rated speed of 4ppm. The 100-sheet paper tray at the rear of the printer and the 20-sheet front input slot can accommodate paper sizes from 3 by 5 inches to 8.5 by 14 inches, as well as transparencies, card stock, postcards, labels and custom sizes. The “Xtra” part of the package includes a CD-ROM with Netscape Navigator, 101 Professional Letters, Label Pro and HP's generic personal information manager (PIM), plus trial versions of PageKeeper, QuickBooks, Visio 4 and ACT. $399 Hewlett-Packard Co., 800-752-0900, 408-725-8900. Winfo #717. Go To Full Review

HP LaserJet 5M
The HP LaserJet 5M is about as compatible as an affordable workhorse workgroup printer gets. Out of the box, the printer is already equipped with support for all major network operating systems, along with Plug-and-Play support for Ethernet 10BaseT (via a JetDirect card), and BNC and LocalTalk connections. It's crammed with 6MB of RAM (expandable to 52MB), support for PostScript Level 2 and an Intel RISC processor running at 33MHz to make your print jobs less painful. The printer has 35 Type 1 fonts in residence; another 75 are included on floppy disks in the box, in addition to the 110 TrueType fonts that come standard with all HP LaserJet 5 models. The LaserJet 5M produces a sharp and clean 12ppm at 600x600dpi. Universal compatibility, up to 256 levels of gray scale, PCL 6 support and a duty cycle of 35,000 pages per month combine to make the LaserJet 5M a hard worker whose efficiency can't be beat. $1,799 Hewlett-Packard Co., 800-752-0900, 408-725-8900. Winfo #718. Go To Full Review

HP LaserJet 6P
Measuring 17.5 by 15.8 by 7.9 inches and weighing 24.5 pounds, the LaserJet 6P won't clutter your desktop. The LaserJet 6P handles a variety of paper weights (up to 44 pounds) and sizes, including envelopes, transparencies, card stock, postcards and labels. Two paper trays allow you to easily switch between plain paper and custom media. The bottom cassette holds 250 sheets and adjusts to B5, executive, letter, A4 and legal page sizes. On top is a 100-sheet multipurpose input tray. The LaserJet 6P is rated at 8ppm and provides true 600x600dpi resolution. As expected, the LaserJet 6P's print output is excellent, delivering dark, well-defined text. Two serial ports make it possible to share the printer; add HP's JetDirect EX Plus (an external print server), and it can be shared over a network. $800 Hewlett-Packard Co., 800-752-0900, 408-725-8900. Winfo #719. Go To Full Review

NEC SuperScript 860
NEC's compact, under-20-pound SuperScript 860 is one of the first high-quality laser printers to use Adobe's PrintGear architecture and Memory Booster technology, which effectively triples memory via compression techniques. If you send it a file that needs more memory, the SuperScript 860 automatically drops from its normal 600x600dpi to a still-acceptable 300x300dpi. At 5 percent coverage, 860 toner cartridges are rated at 5,000 pages instead of the 2,500 to 3,000 usually seen in this category. PrintGear also speeds up processing; in our tests, it slightly surpassed its rated speed of 8ppm. You can install the 860's interface as a Start menu icon if you're using Windows 95, so you can get to all the printer's features without going through Control Panel. The 860's great performance and excellent output make it the personal printer of choice for Intel Pentium users, especially those with Windows 95 and 16MB of RAM. $399 NEC Technologies, 800-NEC-INFO, 415-528-6000. Winfo #720. Go To Full Review

Okidata OL810e/PS
The OL810e/PS is a lightweight printer that packs a powerful punch. It measures 7.9 by 12.8 by 14.6 inches and weighs 23 pounds. The paper drawer holds a total of 250 sheets in various formats with a choice of top- or rear-tray paper exit. Top-tray collection will handle a total of 150 sheets in correct order, and the rear tray will handle a total of 50 sheets of straight-through output. You can also add another paper drawer and multipurpose feeder. The control panel provides the button-access to the printer's functions, and, in addition to the control panel window, a single light indicates the printer's current status. You can choose print resolutions up to 1200x600dpi and access its more than 85 typefaces. The OL810e/PS comes with 3MB of standard RAM (6MB effective RAM with the included Adobe Memory Booster technology) which can be upgraded to 19MB. The toner cartridge has an estimated life of approximately 2,000 pages. $1,439 Okidata, 800-OKIDATA, 609-235-2600. Winfo #721. Go To Full Review

Okidata OL1200/PS
Okidata's OL1200/PS offers options galore. This desk-sized printer measures 10.6 by 14.4 by 16.9 inches and weighs 35 pounds, making it suitable for offices with limited space. Its versatile design supports individual and network printing for multiple platforms, including PC, Macintosh and UNIX. The OL1200/PS can be simultaneously connected with optional Ethernet or token-ring network adapters, a parallel connection and serial connections. Also, automatic interface and emulation switching allow single printer support for a variety of computers. The paper drawer accommodates several paper sizes, including letter, legal, executive, A4, A5, A6 and B5, and paper weights ranging from 16 to 24 pounds through the tray (16 to 32 pounds manual feed). In addition to the normal 500-sheet capacity, you can configure the printer to use the front feeder, increasing capacity to 600 pages. $1,839 Okidata, 800-OKIDATA, 609-235-2600. Winfo #722. Go To Full Review

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