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Power Protection

APC Back-UPS Office
American Power Conversion's Back-UPS Office is a combination surge protector/UPS that offers six AC surge-protection plugs with multistage surge-suppression and EMI/RFI filtering. Three of the plugs are protected with battery backup. Back-UPS Office also has two telephone jacks to protect a single telephone line. Should you lose power, Back-UPS Office will sound an alarm, while providing enough power to let you save your data and log off or power-down. $169 American Power Conversion, 800-877-4088, 401-789-0204. Winfo #572. Go To Full Review

APC Smart-UPS 700
File servers get power protection with Smart-UPS 700. This UPS comes with PowerChute Plus software that automatically shuts down Windows NT, NetWare, UNIX and OS/2 servers. The unit also protects against power brownouts, swells, sags, surges and interference. Intelligent battery management monitors the battery's status and replacement requirement. $499 American Power Conversion, 800-877-4088, 401-789-5735. Winfo #573. Go To Full Review

SL Waber UPStart SL
Waber's UPStart detects a power failure and switches to battery power in less than 4 milliseconds. It saves all open files in a special directory rather than overwriting partially edited files, closes any apps that are open, exits Windows and turns off battery power. When power is restored, it turns on the PC, opens apps and files, and returns the cursor to its location at the time the power quit. The UPStart sustains power for up to 5 minutes. $199 SL Waber, 800-634-1485, 609-866-8888. Winfo #574. Go To Full Review

Tripp Lite TouchMaster UPS TM-420
Tripp Lite's TouchMaster UPS TM-420's space-saving UPS is designed to be placed between your computer and monitor. It easily supports a standard 17-inch or 20-inch monitor. Four diagnostic LEDs relay the TM-420's operating status: low battery, battery on, line on and line fault. The TouchMaster's 420VA capacity will supply backup power for a typical desktop system for 17 minutes at half load and 6 minutes at full load, with a transfer time of 2ms to 4ms. $199 Tripp Lite, 312-755-5400, fax 312-644-6505. Winfo #575. Go To Full Review

ViewSonic Opti-UPS 1000E
The Opti-UPS 1000E monitors voltage, performs buck and boost regulation functions automatically, and controls temperature, line voltage and frequency. The unit can keep most desktop systems up and running for a minimum of 5 minutes. The included software will save work automatically. The unit has six status-indicator lights and a test/silence button that lets you test the battery or silence the power-failure alarm. The battery is user-replaceable. $489 ViewSonic Corp., 800-843-6784, 909-869-7976. Winfo #576. Go To Full Review.

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