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AAA Map'n'Go 2.0
Take the scenic route without getting lost, with this 32-bit version of DeLorme's AAA Map'n'Go 2.0. Its comprehensive database includes AAA's TourBook lists of more than 57,000 accommodations, restaurants and attractions, as well as a directory of 1,000 AAA office locations. The program provides street-level maps for 241 cities and a link to a dedicated Web site (http://www.mapngo.com) for updated weather, construction and events information. $39 DeLorme Mapping, 800-452-5931, 207-846-7000. Winfo #551. Go to Full Review


Quicken 6
Quicken 6, the latest version of this enormously popular software, helps track where your money really goes. And if you get into a budgeting jam or wonder if there's a better way to do something, count on Quicken to jump in, offer advice and keep you headed in the right direction. Quicken's familiar checkbook register is still a winning interface, improved by making the toolbar buttons easier to reach and more clearly identifying menu options. A new Tax Deduction Finder sifts through your financial records, asks you a few questions and then identifies expenses that may be deductible. Quicken also takes steps to minimize data-entry chores. $29.95 Intuit, 800-446-8848, 415-944-6000. Winfo #552. Go to Full Review


Investor Insight
Investor Insight offers private investors the same detailed information available to professionals for tracking stock news, analyst ratings, company research reports, price/volume charts, and current value and performance of their own portfolios. This program lets you build portfolios of selected stocks and group them by category or industry. You can build flash reports to track changes according to your parameters. It also lets you monitor press releases and headlines. 30-day trial free; 1 to 10 securities, $9.95 per month; up to 50 securities, $19.95 per month Intuit, 800-446-8848, 415-944-6000. Winfo #553. Go to Full Review

Quicken Financial Planner 2
Forget the lottery and boot up a copy of Quicken Financial Planner 2 for answers to many of your retirement planning questions. Set up in a matter of minutes by entering general information such as age, salary, current savings and living expenses. Toss in every bit of information you have, from rental income to anticipated vacations and car purchases. A what-if feature lets you manipulate variables, allowing you to adjust your plan to meet your retirement needs. Charts and graphs show everything from cash flow to portfolio value and net worth. $39.95 Intuit, 800-446-8848, 415-944-6000. Winfo #554. Go to Full Review

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