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Digital FX32 1.1
It's a classic high-technology paradox: Hardware is useless without broad software support, and software developers embrace only popular hardware. So how can a niche hardware platform like Digital's Alpha possibly survive? The answer is FX32, a highly regarded piece of translation software that allows Alpha/NT systems to run most 32-bit Wintel applications at Pentium speeds. FX32 now ships with every Alpha workstation and server Digital sells, and is also available for download from the Internet. Free download Digital Equipment Corp., 800-DIGITAL, 508-493-5111. Winfo #738.

Diskeeper 2.0 for Windows NT 4.0
The next time your NT system's hard disk seems a bit slow, reach for Diskeeper 2.0. This utility defragments NT File System (NTFS) and FAT file systems in the background while you continue working on other NT applications in the foreground. Before it does any defragging, Diskeeper analyzes your disk to determine which files are fragmented and to what extent. It then presents a graphic view of the disk, showing files, directories and the degree of fragmentation. $75 per NT desktop; $399 per NT server Executive Software International, 800-829-4357, 818-547-2050. Winfo #739. Go To Full Review

Lotus Domino Server 4.5
Plenty of industry pundits predicted that the open architecture of the Internet would spell doom for Lotus Notes, IBM's proprietary groupware platform. Instead, IBM countered with Domino Server 4.5, putting it well on its way to conquering the Web. Domino transforms Notes into an Internet applications server. Domino boasts text-search capabilities, automatic indexing, messaging and Notes' famed replication technology. Lotus and IBM even ensured tight integration between Domino and Windows NT. Among other things, Domino supports NT's Event Log, Performance Monitor and User Manager utilities. Single server, $1,095; upgrade, $865 Lotus Development Corp., 800-343-5414, 617-577-8500.

Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 3.0
Just as NT began to catch on in the networking world, Microsoft made it even more attractive with the release of its excellent--and timely--killer Internet product, Internet Information Server (IIS) 3.0. IIS 3.0 is tightly integrated with NT Server 4.0. Its components support Active Server Pages, full text indexing, and audio and video streaming. Developers quickly embraced IIS 3.0 as a platform for building Web applications using HTML, scripts and ActiveX server components. IIS 3.0 is a breakthrough product that helps NT Server garner both mind- and market share on the Internet. Free for Windows NT Server 4.0 customers Microsoft Corp., 800-426-9400, 206-882-8080. Winfo #740. Go To Full Coverage.

RightFAX NT 4.5
RightFAX is everything you expect in a fax server. Its e-mail gateway integrates with Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Exchange, cc:Mail, Lotus Notes and Novell's GroupWise, and allows your users' e-mail inbox to accept faxes as well as messages. Or you can opt to use FaxUtil, RightFAX's own mailbox interface for users. The program includes a library for frequently sent documents and a shareable phone book for each networked user. The OCR process takes place on the server, so it won't bog down network workstations. When the server receives a fax, it routes it to a default fax queue. From there, a user can manually route the document to any other user on the network or externally to any sother Group 3 fax device. $1,495; each additional channel, $795 RightFAX, 520-327-7000, fax 520-321-7456. Winfo #741. Go To Full Review

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