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Compaq Professional Workstation 5000
In the PC business, timing is everything. A case in point: Just as Windows NT began displacing UNIX on many business desktops, Compaq Computer unveiled its Professional Workstation 5000 line. This family of single- and dual-processor Pentium Pro/NT systems costs far less than rival proprietary RISC/UNIX workstations. If you're an engineer or specialized business user, Compaq's workstations offer the best of both worlds by supporting niche CAD/CAM, finance and engineering applications, along with popular 32-bit Windows software applications. Compaq's Workstation 5000 line is so good that several leading PC vendors have recently taken notice and decided to follow the company's lead by introducing NT workstations of their own. From $3,900 Compaq Computer Corp., 800-OK-COMPAQ, 713-370-0670. Winfo #743. Go To Full Review

Digital HiNote VP 500 Series
Even the most devoted Windows NT fanatics envy Windows 95's various mobile computing features, from advanced power management (APM) to Plug and Play. Microsoft won't deliver those features on NT until next year, but you can enjoy them today on Digital Equipment Corp.'s HiNote VP 500 notebook line. The HiNote VP 500 series includes notebooks built around 133MHz and 166MHz Pentium processors; several come with Windows NT Workstation 4.0 preloaded, along with proprietary APM and Plug-and-Play features. The portables include the industry's first removable combination CD-ROM/ floppy disk drive, which enables simultaneous use of each media. From $2,699 Digital Equipment Corp., 800-DIGITAL, 508-493-5111. Winfo #744. Go To Full Coverage

Enorex Ultra PCs
NT's portability means you have a choice of chip architectures. Enorex Microsystems has taken advantage of this option and created a line of PCs that use Digital's high-performance Alpha CPUs. The result: Enorex offers NT systems that yield screaming floating-point performance, are aggressively priced and are available via direct-mail distribution. Not surprisingly, these three factors have helped Enorex build a loyal following among power-hungry NT Workstation users. The Enorex Ultra PCs boast Alpha processors running at 366MHz, 433MHz or 500MHz. Even better, you can get a fully configured system for less than $5,000. From $2,999 Enorex Microsystems, 800-419-4942, 908-764-5640. Winfo #745.

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