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Dell Latitude LM Family
The blazing speed of the Latitude LM helps you increase productivity. The 166MHz MMX notebook ships with 40MB of RAM, 256KB cache, a 2.1GB hard drive, a 10X CD-ROM drive and a 12-inch SVGA TFT color display. It has 16-bit SoundBlaster Pro-compatible audio, stereo speakers and a robust 128-bit video controller with swift 128-bit graphics acceleration. Depending on your needs, you can switch the CD-ROM drive for a floppy drive or an optional second battery. Its long battery life with lithium ion technology and adjustable power management options make the Latitude an ideal road companion. From $2,898 Dell Computer Corp., 800-289-3355, 512-338-4400. Winfo #579. Go To Full Review

Gateway 2000 Solo Family
The Solo makes for good company when you're traveling alone. The family includes the Solo 2200--MMX models with 150MHz and 166MHz chips. The 166MHz model ships standard with 48MB of EDO DRAM, 256KB pipeline-burst cache, a 2GB hard drive, a 10X CD-ROM drive, a 12.1-inch SVGA display and integrated 16-bit sound with stereo speakers. The 155MHz model ships with 32MB of EDO RAM, a 1.3GB hard drive and most of the same features as the faster model. Both models include one Type III or two Type II slots and EZ Pad pointing devices. Another multimedia model, the Solo 2100, ships with a 133MHz processor, an 11.3-inch TFT screen, 16MB of EDO RAM, a 1GB hard drive and integrated 16-bit sound with stereo speakers. From $2,099 Gateway 2000, 800-846-2000, 605-232-2000. Winfo #580. Go To Full Review

IBM ThinkPad Family
The ThinkPad line covers the spectrum of notebook computing. The ultra portable ThinkPad 560 is slightly larger than a piece of 8.5-by-11-inch paper. It measures a svelte 1.2 inches thick, with a travel weight of only about 5 pounds including its power supply and cords, and external drive. It's available in 100MHz, 120MHz and 133MHz Pentium configurations with 8MB of EDO RAM and an 810MB or 1GB hard disk. The ThinkPad 760 is available with Windows NT preinstalled. It ships with 120MHz, 133MHz and 150MHz Pentiums; 8MB or 16MB of EDO RAM; and 1GB, 1.35GB or 2.1GB hard disks. Either 4X or 6X CD-ROM drives are available. The ThinkPad 365 ships with up to a 133MHz Pentium; 8MB of EDO RAM; 1MB of VRAM; 810MB, 1GB or 1.35GB hard disks; and 4X or 6X CD-ROM drives. The 560 and 760 models come with 12.1-inch or 11.3-inch displays; the 365 line includes 11.3-inch or 10.4-inch screens. From $1,899 IBM Corp., 800-772-2227, 914-766-1900. Go To Full Review

NEC Versa 6000 Family
NEC tops off its Versa line with powerful 166MHz and 150MHz MMX models. The 6200 has a 166MHz processor, 13.3-inch XGA display capable of 64,000 colors, 32MB of EDO RAM, 2MB of video RAM, a 2.1GB hard disk, 64-bit PCI and 32-bit PC CardBus architecture. The 6050 has a 150MHz MMX CPU with 16MB of RAM and a built-in 33.6Kb per second data/fax/voice modem. You can choose between a 12.1-inch SVGA or XGA display; a 1.44GB or 2.1GB hard disk; and one of Windows 95, 3.11 or NT preinstalled. The MMX models include 256KB of level 2 cache, a 10X CD-ROM drive, slots for two Type II cards or one Type III card, and Zoomed Video support. From $3,499 NEC Computer Systems, 800-NEC-INFO, 508-264-8000. Winfo #581. Go To Full Review

Toshiba Tecra and Portégé Families
Toshiba's Tecra and Portégé families are muscular and nimble models. The power-line Tecra includes a 166MHz Intel MMX-enabled Pentium. The base model comes with 16MB of RAM and can expand to 144MB. You can choose between 1.26GB and 2GB hard disks and screen sizes of 12.1 and 13.3 inches. An optional 10X CD-ROM drive is also available. The Portégé is built for travel with its slender profile, broad communications capabilities and weight of less than 6 pounds. The processor choices include 133MHz and 150MHz. Standard memory is 16MB of RAM, expandable to 80MB. Hard drive capacities include 1.26GB and 1.35GB. Screen size is 11.3 inches; a 10X CD-ROM drive is included. From $2,199 Toshiba America Information Systems, 800-334-3445, 714-583-3000. Winfo #582. Go To Full Review

WinBook FX Family
The WinBook FX has plenty of special effects. You can get a docking station with an 8X CD-ROM drive and a 16-bit Creative Labs Sound Blaster Vibra FM synthesis sound system with two speakers in front. The hard disk and SIMM slots are easy to reach behind a fold-out door on the rear left side of the unit. The WinBook FX also has an excellent keyboard with full-size keys, Win95 keys and a function-key system. The pointing device in the middle of the keyboard looks like the point of an eraser. For an extra $79, you can substitute a trackpad pointing device. A base model includes a 133MHz Intel Pentium processor using the power-saving Mobile Trident chipset with 16MB of EDO RAM (upgradable to 40MB). The LCD screen supports 800x600 resolution at 64,000 colors on its 11.3-inch SVGA active-matrix display. There's 256KB of pipeline-burst level 2 cache. The WinBook FX also ships standard with an 8X CD-ROM drive and a 1GB hard disk. From $3,199 (with optional touchpad) WinBook Corp., 800-965-9391, fax 800-488-0308. Winfo #583. Go To Full Review

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