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Canon PowerShot 600
The Canon PowerShot 600 color digital camera is an attention grabber that will satisfy even veteran shutterbugs. Measuring 3.6 by 6.2 by 2.3 inches, the camera, without its battery pack, weighs about 14 ounces. In addition to a lock-on for an optional wide-angle lens and a self-contained flash, there's an internal bay for an optional Type III hard disk PC Card or flash memory card for storing up to 3,000 images. Transferring images is a snap, too: A convenient cradle links the PowerShot 600 to a PC's parallel port. From $799 Canon Computer Systems, 800-848-4123, 714-438-3000. Winfo #656. Go To Full Review

Ricoh RDC-1
Improve your view with the Ricoh RDC-1. The RDC-1 has good optics, as well as an extensive peripheral set that makes it easy to view still and motion images stored in the camera, hear audio clips that accompany those images and transfer that data to your PC. This camera's near-professional quality makes it ideal for serious users. The RDC-1 includes a self-contained flash unit, autofocus and optimization circuitry, a charge coupled device, an SRAM memory card (for storing images) and other circuitry. The camera measures 0.75 by 5.25 by 2.75 inches and, with its three nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries, weighs less than 1 pound. $1,699 Ricoh Corp., 800-225-1899, 702-352-1600. Winfo #657. Go To Full Review.


Creative Labs Performance 8X
Creative Labs Performance 8X will help you add the sound without the fury. It's hard to beat the simple installation and top-level performance of this package. The kit includes an 8X IDE CD-ROM drive, a Sound Blaster 32 Plug-and-Play wavetable sound card, a pair of two-way amplified speakers and an ample software bundle. The Sound Blaster 32 is one of the best sound cards available, especially considering its PnP operation and software compatibility. Sound quality from this wavetable card is excellent. $350 Creative Labs, 800-998-5227, 408-428-6600. Winfo #658. Go To Full Review

Diamond 12X Multimedia Kit
Multimedia upgrades can be a nightmare, but the Diamond 12X Multimedia Kit installs like a dream. The package includes a Mitsumi 12X CD-ROM drive, a Diamond 16-bit wavetable sound card, two Labtec LCS10122 stereo speakers and a modest software bundle. Perhaps most impressive, however, are the excellent documentation and instructions. The 16-bit half-length wavetable ISA card offers 32 voices and produces a more-than-adequate audio signal to the speakers. The sound from this PnP model will satisfy most small-business or home users. $349 Diamond Multimedia Systems, 800-468-5846, 408-325-7000. Winfo #659. Go To Full Review


Proxima Lightbook
Lighten your load on the road with the Proxima Lightbook multimedia projector. It's one of the smallest multimedia projectors available. About the size of two stacked notebook computers, the PC-compatible Lightbook measures 5 by 9.25 by 13.5 inches and weighs 11.35 pounds. While not as bright as larger projectors, the Lightbook's 400-watt halogen lamp with a 250-lumen output is bright enough for doing presentations with the lights on. The projector displays a 640x480 image and can handle an SVGA 800x600 image in a fit-to-view mode. The Lightbook provides input and output connections sufficient to handle most tasks. A computer input connects to your PC's video output, a pass-through monitor output lets you simultaneously project an image onto a screen and view it on a monitor, and a serial connector lets the Lightbook communicate with a computer using special software bundled with the projector. The unit has built-in speakers and 1W amplifiers. $4,999 Proxima Corp., 800-447-7692, 619-457-5500. Winfo #660. Go To Full Review


Bose Acoustimass Multimedia Speaker System
The Bose Acoustimass is a tiny multimedia speaker system with big sound. Two satellite speaker cubes measure only 3 by 3 by 5 inches, and a single wide-range transducer is only 2.5 inches wide--yet the system puts out 90W. There are two stereo inputs, a 19-pound bass module and a 5.25-inch woofer. The Acoustimass features dynamically equalized speakers, built-in amplification, active equalization, a separately amplified bass channel, automatic protection circuitry, automatic power on/power off and Syncom computer-tested speakers. Dual input lets you connect to your PC and another line-level source. $699 Bose Corp., 800-444-BOSE, 508-879-7330. Winfo #661. Go To Full Review


For after-hours TV or for tracking financial updates during business hours, the STB TV PCI board offers outstanding features and performance. It includes an Intercast viewer application, which uses Intel's technology to combine HTML-formatted data and a TV picture on the same screen (data is carried in the black stripe you see when your TV picture starts to roll). A remote-control window governs channel selection, volume and video source. There's also an audio-input jack for sources like your VCR. Programming your favorite channels, listening to the SAP audio channel or accessing closed captions is a snap. The TV PCI board also includes a video- (single-image) and audio-capture application. $129 STB Systems, 888-243-8750, 972-234-8750. Winfo #662. Go To Full Review

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