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ArtMedia TN2185T
The flat-screen TN2185T offers a 19-inch diagonal viewing area as well as very good sharpness and clarity. Screen resolutions range from 640x480 pixels to 1280x1024 at 77Hz. The 0.31mm trio pitch (roughly equivalent to a 0.30mm aperture-grille pitch) provides outstanding detail. Video inputs include a traditional 15-pin VGA connector and five BNC input connectors. $1,888 ArtMedia USA, 800-ART-MEDIA, 408-980-8988. Winfo #663. Go To Full Review

Compaq V70
The V70 17-inch monitor offers a 15.67-inch diagonal viewing area and a stunning, distortion-free image. Its tilt-swivel design with an extended vertical pivot range provides an ergonomic advantage far greater than what most of its competitors offer. Ideal for mainstream corporate users, this is one unit that's also good enough for computer-aided design. The Compaq design team has produced a 0.28mm-dot-pitch, Invar shadow-mask monitor that's nice to look at even when it's off. It has an antiglare, antistatic coated screen, a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 at 60Hz and a maximum refresh rate of 85Hz at 1024x768. $697 Compaq Computer Corp., 800-345-1518, 281-370-0670. Winfo #664. Go To Full Review

EIZO Nanao FlexScan F2-17EX
The EIZO Nanao FlexScan F2-17EX is an excellent monitor with a crisp, bright display. It has a 0.26mm dot pitch and a 17-inch, flat, square shadow-mask tube with a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 at an 80Hz refresh rate; it can go as high as 1600x1200 (with a 66Hz refresh rate). An antireflection, antistatic coating reduces glare, dust and static electricity. Its 95-watt power consumption drops to 10W in standby mode and to less than 5W when asleep. The monitor comes with ScreenManager Pro and Colorific color-management software. $999 EIZO Nanao Technologies, 800-800-5202, 310-431-5011. Winfo #665. Go To Full Review

Nokia Multigraph 449X
The 15-inch Multigraph 449X is loaded with features, including a high-resolution (maximum 1024x768 at an 80Hz refresh rate) Sony Trinitron tube with a 0.25mm aperture-grille pitch, and a flatter-than-flat screen for brilliant colors and razor-sharp images. It offers a 13.7-inch viewing area, measures 14.6 by 14.6 by 15.7 inches and weighs a mere 33 pounds. $599 Nokia Display Products, 1-800-BY-NOKIA, 415-331-4244. Winfo #666. Go To Full Review

Panasonic PanaSync E21
If you're on a budget but unwilling to sacrifice performance, the 21-inch Panasonic PanaSync E21 is an excellent choice. It offers a 0.25mm-dot-pitch, 20-inch diagonal viewing area, Invar shadow mask technology, antiglare and antistatic coatings, a tilt-and-swivel base and on-screen displays. Resolution ranges from 640x480 at a 160Hz refresh rate to 1600x1200 at 67Hz. $1,499 Panasonic Communications & Systems Co., 800-742-8086, 201-348-7000. Winfo #667. Go To Full Review

Princeton EO70
The Princeton EO70's picture is crisp and accurate, even in the corners. Color rendition is excellent--reds are bright, and gradient images are rich and true. The EO70 is Windows 95 PnP-ready; the 17-inch monitor has a 0.28mm dot pitch and a 15.8-inch viewing area. Horizontal frequencies range from 30kHz to 70kHz; vertical frequencies range from 50Hz to 120Hz. $575 Princeton Graphic Systems, 800-747-6249, 714-751-8405. Winfo #668. Go To Full Review

Samsung SyncMaster 21GLs
Samsung's SyncMaster 21GLs 21-inch monitor stands out for its software as well as its hardware. The Colorific color management utility's screens lead you through monitor adjustments and many other setup procedures. Two color reference cards are included--one for incandescent lights and one for fluorescents. Once you're satisfied with the settings, the program creates a color-correction profile for the monitor and your printer. The SyncMaster's colors are sharp, clear and well defined, with no moiré or focus problems. The monitor has a 19.75-inch viewing area and a 0.28mm dot pitch, and supports a maximum 1600x1200 resolution at a 68Hz refresh rate. $1,999 Samsung Electronics America, 800-933-4110, 201-229-4000. Winfo #669. Go To Full Review

Utobia XP400
With a diagonal viewing area of 16.8 inches, Utobia Systems' XP400 is suitable for CAD or graphic designers, but its price places it within reach of corporate users. The XP400's screen delivers crisp, crackling images, due largely to its 0.25mm dot pitch and nonglare, antistatic coating. Maximum resolutions are 1600x1200 at 60Hz and 1280x1024 at 75Hz. $749 Utobia Systems, 888-4UTOBIA, 909-357-6866. Winfo #670. Go To Full Review

ViewSonic 17GA PerfectSound
The ViewSonic 17GA PerfectSound monitor's rich color and sparkling sound will take your breath away. Resolution peaks at 1280x1024, and the refresh rate peaks at 160Hz. The 0.27mm-dot-pitch Super Contrast screen and Invar shadow-mask technology help produce a sharp, crisply focused image. The speakers pump out clear, rich, distortion-free sound even when turned all the way up. Included are a front-and-center built-in microphone, a headphone jack and an external microphone port. $749 ViewSonic Corp., 800-888-8583, 909-869-7976. Winfo #671. Go To Full Review

ViewSonic P815
Though the ViewSonic P815 has a conventional design, artists pant after its high-resolution capabilities: 1800x1440 at 76Hz and 1600x1200 at 91Hz. It offers a 0.25mm dot pitch, 20 inches of diagonal viewing area, Invar shadow-mask technology, antiglare and antistatic coatings, a tilt-and-swivel base, and on-screen display. The P815's focus is clear to the edges of the screen, and color registration is superb. $1,749 ViewSonic Corp., 800-888-8583, 909-869-7976. Winfo #672. Go To Full Review

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