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Image and Video Editors | Desktop Publishing, Engineering, Presentations


Corel Ventura 7
Ventura 7 takes a kitchen-sink approach to desktop publishing. This generous package includes Corel's WordPerfect 7, Photo-Paint 6, DataBase Publisher, CD Creator 2 (to put your new publications on CD-ROM), Script Editor (to automate processes), Versions (to keep archives of publications as you create them), a multimedia manager, Incontext (SGML editor), the Barista Java package and more. $895; upgrade, $249 Corel Corp., 800-772-6735, 613-728-8200. Winfo #594. Go To Full Review

Microsoft Publisher 97
Whether you publish on paper or the Web, style counts. This version includes a Web Site Wizard that lets you create a site without tinkering with HTML; an enhanced 5,000-piece Clip Gallery that supports OLE objects; and Clip Gallery Live, which allows you to download more than a thousand additional clip-art items from the Web. The Postcard Wizard and Mail Merge functionality make it easy to create and address postcards and other business mailings. And to keep you in style, Publisher 97's Design Checker points out design and layout faux pas. $79.95; $20 rebate for upgrades Microsoft Corp., 800-426-9400, 206-882-8080. Winfo #595. Go To Full Review

PageMaker 6.5
Get psychedelic with PageMaker 6.5's far-out colors and online publishing features. PageMaker's most striking addition is its support for hi-fi colors, adding orange and green to traditional CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) for more accurate, vibrant color reproduction. The results can be amazing. PageMaker 6.5 supports six-color Pantone Hexachrome separations for a richer color spectrum. PageMaker 6.5's new interface now bears a strong resemblance to those of Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe software. $895; upgrade, $99 Adobe Systems, 800-422-3623, 206-622-5500. Winfo #596. Go To Full Review


AutoCAD R13c4
AutoCAD had designs on becoming a better Windows 95 citizen; by adding new features and functions in Release 13c4, it's succeeded admirably. New features include long filename support, OLE 2.0 compliance, ACIS 1.6 implementation, a new dialog box interface for the text Style command and the ability to run multiple sessions. In addition, this version includes a resizable drawing window, a floating command window, and excellent online help and tutorials. Improved toolboxes, help and tutorials, and pan and zoom performance keep AutoCAD on top as the reigning CAD program. CD, $3,750; disk, $3,995 Autodesk, 800-964-6432, 415-507-5000. Winfo #597. Go To Full Review


ASAP 1.1
Create snooze-proof slide shows with the ASAP 1.1 presentation package. On the work area of the program's clean interface are three tabs--one for a presentation outline, one to assemble and view slides, and one to run your slide show. Breeze through the three main screens, Outline, Preview and Present, and then it's showtime. ASAP's ample array of layouts, designs, color schemes and sample presentations provides structure without stifling your creative spirit. $99 Software Publishing Corp., 800-557-3743, 408-537-3000. Winfo #611.

ASAP WordPower 1.95
This presentation graphics package offers excellent design elements that are quick and easy to manipulate. WordPower's built-in smarts go a long way toward automating the presentation process. Type your proposal into your word processor and click on the ASAP button; the program builds a default, customizable presentation on the spot. The program offers a choice of 22 layouts, 14 designs and 18 color schemes, for more than 5,500 combinations. Enhanced compatibility with PowerPoint 7.0 lets you transport a chart you create in WordPower into PowerPoint. $99 Software Publishing Corp., 800-557-3743, 408-537-3000. Winfo #612. Go To Full Review

Lotus Freelance Graphics 96
Slide shows go freestyle with the easily mastered Freelance Graphics 96. Choose from among 30 presentation types, and then select slide styles, such as a one-chart slide, bulleted list or org chart. You can preview slides from other presentations and "borrow" them for inclusion in your current work. Control the color, font, size, alignment and style of text, or add animation and effects. You can flip and rotate objects, group or ungroup them, or add comments that look like sticky notes from your own text or predefined phrases. $355 Lotus Development Corp., 800-343-5414, 617-577-8500. Go To Full Review

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