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Image and Video Editors | Desktop Publishing, Engineering, Presentations


Adobe Premiere 4.2
Whether you're editing a documentary or a tape to send to America's Funniest Home Videos, Adobe Premiere delivers a feature-rich environment for both professional and occasional video editing. Premiere 4.2 can produce digital movies with a film resolution of 4096x4096 pixels, or build 32x32 thumbnail flicks that are light on storage space. Premiere supports background compiling and unattended batch processing. $795 Adobe Systems, 800-642-3623, 408-536-6000. Winfo #598. Go To Full Review

CorelXARA 1.1
CorelXARA combines its intuitive approach to graphics with speed, quality and detailed illustrations. Bundled with clip art and fonts, this is a complete, easy-to-use drawing package. CorelXARA lets you spice up your artwork with special effects that you can assign to any object, including text, a solid color or gradient, a bitmap, or fractal fill. An unlimited undo feature allows endless experimentation. This, along with solid drawing tools, 1/1000th-of-a- point precision, and drag-and-drop visual galleries for colors, lines, fills and fonts all add up to a powerful drawing package. $289 Corel Corp., 800-772-6735, 613-728-3733. Winfo #599. Go To Full Review

Extreme 3D
Extreme isn't an overstatement with this powerful graphics program. Extreme 3D offers true spline-based modeling and animation, easy transition from 2D drawing packages, and an emphasis on animation and multimedia. Two-dimensional shapes created with the spline-based tools can be extruded, lathed or skinned into 3D objects. You can edit a 2D profile even after it's been extruded, so you can apply intuitive 2D illustration processes directly into the 3D realm. $340 Macromedia, 800-326-2128, 415-252-2000. Winfo #600. Go To Full Review

Fractal Design Expression
Express yourself in a whole new way with Fractal Design's category-defying program. Expression offers illustration tools just like those in a drawing program, along with natural-media (and other) effects similar to those in paint programs. You can create three different, customizable strokes: Natural-Media (to mimic the effects of watercolor and charcoal, for instance), graphic element (derived from vector-based images) and multiview (multiple images or variations on an image). $449 Fractal Design Corp., 800-846-0111, 408-430-4000. Winfo #601. Go To Full Review

Fractal Design Painter 4
The incorporation of both vector and raster tools makes Painter a powerful program. With Painter's object-creation tools, you can draw vector-based objects on a PostScript layer and import Adobe Illustrator 5.0 files (or Freehand files converted to Illustrator format); they'll remain fully editable, with an object layer hierarchy. Painter's tools let you work with smooth, anti-aliased shapes, regardless of image resolution. The new Mosaic tool transforms your images into intricate tiled patterns. $549 Fractal Design Corp., 800-297-COOL, 408-688-5300. Winfo #602. Go To Full Review

Macromedia Director 5.0
Lights, camera ... 5.0! Save multiple Cast windows independently from a movie, all as external files. You can link these Cast windows to multiple movies. Director 5.0 provides full text-handling capabilities; fonts can be anti-aliased for displaying large type without unsightly jaggies. Formatted text remains live and editable, and this version lets you convert fonts to bitmaps. $850 Macromedia, 800-326-2128, 415-252-2000. Winfo #603. Go To Full Review

Macromedia FreeHand Graphics Studio 7
This suite is a powerful collection of vector and 3D graphics and font tools that will help you create remarkable Web graphics. The xRes component offers watercolor, glass etching and Japanese brush styles in its paintbox, with performance on par with both Fractal Design Painter and Photoshop. Fontographer lets you design your own custom fonts. Extreme 3D, Macromedia's programmable 3D graphics rendering and animation tool, lets you create animations interactively, by moving and registering objects frame by frame, or by describing paths for objects. Cameras, atmospheres and light sources all take part in this digital ballet. $449 Macromedia, 800-326-2128, 415-252-2000. Winfo #604. Go To Full Review

Micrografx Graphics Suite 2
Micrografx Graphics Suite 2 lets you indulge in the suite stuff, offering a top-quality tool for every design task. This suite of raster and vector graphics programs can replace the hodgepodge of standalone apps found on many digital artists' desktops. Graphics Suite 2 consists of six parts: FlowCharter 7 (for business diagrams and charts), Designer 7 (for vector image design and editing), Picture Publisher 7 (for raster image editing), Simply 3D2 (for 3D graphics and animation), Media Manager 2 (for managing clip art) and Quicksilver (a plug-in and ActiveX control for interactive Web graphics). $349.95; upgrade, $149.95 Micrografx, 800-371-7783, 972-234-1769. Winfo #605. Go To Full Review

Paint Shop Pro 4.0
Paint Shop Pro 4.0 recognizes that image is everything. This version delivers an arsenal of graphics tools and utilities designed specifically for the average business user. You can select foreground and background colors, edit an image palette, and change width and height while maintaining aspect ratio. Flip, mirror and rotate images or add drop shadows, cutout and chisel effects to graphic or photographic images. $69 Jasc, 800-622-2793, 612-930-9800. Winfo #606. Go To Full Review

PhotoImpact 3.01 with WebExtensions
Where Ulead's PhotoImpact 3.01 with WebExtensions is going, you'll want to follow. PhotoImpact is a well-designed alternative to the tried-and-true Photoshop. A total solution for designing Web graphics in Windows 95 or NT environments, this version has several wizard-like add-ons and plug-ins. The Background Designer lets you interactively create low-contrast backgrounds for Web pages. The HTML Image Assistant lets you produce HTML tags for given color combinations or image files--perfect for giving Web pages an integrated look and feel, and for generating image-map files and tags for navigation bars. With the Button Designer, you can create embossed or framed 3D buttons from selected image objects. Version 3.01 also adds customizable tear-off toolbars, a broader range of image formats and support for Photoshop plug-ins. $199 Ulead Systems, 800-858-5323, 310-523-9393. Winfo #607. Go To Full Review

Photoshop 4.0
The addition of free transforming selections, macros, and guides and grids to Photoshop 4.0 will help speed your image-editing chores. Photoshop 4.0's Actions palette acts essentially as a combined macro recorder and batch processor, recording a variety of key program functions, such as image adjustment, filtering, mode conversion and file saving. Photoshop is a professional-level product with powerful tools for designers and graphic artists. $895 Adobe Systems, 800-833-6687, 408-536-6000. Winfo #608. Go To Full Review

PhotoSuite 8.0
MGI's PhotoSuite not only delivers solid image-editing tools, it makes picture preparation easy and fun. Use the graphics tools to snag an image of your face and place it on a superhero's body. Or touch up photos to eliminate annoying red eye. You can also take screen captures, organize pictures into photo albums or acquire images from TWAIN-compatible scanners. PhotoSuite packs power as a graphics editor. Work with files in a variety offormats, including Kodak Photo CD and FlashPix. $49.95 MGI Software Corp., 888-MGI-SOFT, 905-764-7000. Winfo #609. Go To Full Review

xRes 2.0
This handy image-editing program uses proprietary task-organizing technology to speed graphics processing. XRes applies selective and delayed processing techniques for common graphics operations, so that you can work in real time using manageable amounts of data. When the program employs delayed processing, it stores operations on an editing list, then waits until all other operations are completed before processing the list. XRes' edit acceleration feature makes it a good software-only alternative to installing more RAM in your PC. $389 Macromedia, 800-326-2128, 415-252-2000. Winfo #610. Go To Full Review

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