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Crosstalk inter.comm Suite 3.0
Crosstalk pioneered many of the comm features we take for granted, such as automatic scripting and flexible telephone directories. Its 32-bit upgrade was worth the wait. It preserves your investments in system, host and bulletin board profiles while offering expected Windows 95 enhancements. Included are a full version of Netscape 2.0, a TCP/IP stack, and ftp and Internet mail software. Crosstalk excels at terminal emulation and offers customizable file transfer via Xmodem, Ymodem and Zmodem. Its Crosstalk Application Scripting Language is easy to use, is intuitive and comes with an autorecord button. You can quickly and easily create custom buttons for frequently used keystroke combinations, which we find to be a much better option than the usual function key or menu method. $179 Attachmate Corp., 800-426-6283, 206-644-4010. Winfo #634. Go To Full Review

Disconnect's mission is simple: to warn you when you've left a forgotten online connection active and to disconnect you before you've racked up too many charges. After a predetermined time you'll hear, "Warning from Disconnect!" Ignore that admonition, and a second warning will sound. If you don't respond to the second warning, Disconnect will terminate the connection at the third time interval entered in setup. $29.95 Dagar Software Corp., 800-687-1966, 203-393-2000. Winfo #635. Go To Full Review

Extra Personal Client 6.2
Extra Personal Client 6.2 is ready to connect to everything from IBM big iron to an AS/400 running System Application Architecture. It will even connect to the Web running TCP/IP and Netscape Navigator. The software lets you “bookmark” connections for quick access to different host systems and comes ready for serious data-transfer work. It now supports OLE 2.0 on the Windows side, and ftp, Kermit and advanced program-to-program communications on the heavy-metal side. If your database needs DB2's massive power, you'll also be delighted to know that Extra Personal Client 6.2 comes with Select, a DB2 query front end for both mainframe and AS/400 DB2 databases. An outstanding multisystem networking product, it works with everything from TCP/IP to NetWare's IPX to such IBM-only standards as LU. $425 Attachmate Corp., 800-426-6283, 206-644-4010. Winfo #636. Go To Full Review

FocalPoint 5.5
FocalPoint, a one-stop fax, e-mail and telephony communications program, offers a universal inbox for phone messages, faxes and e-mail. It gives you multiple, password-protected voice mailboxes, adds its own greetings and prompts, and provides Caller ID screening if you subscribe to that telecommunications service. It even offers musical interludes for callers on hold. You can drag and drop messages to any mail folder or drive. You can also open folders, play back voice messages and control most FocalPoint operations. $69 Global Village Communication, 800-329-9675, 408-523-1000. Winfo #637. Go To Full Review

Internet LanBridge
Providing high-speed Internet access over one telephone line to all nodes on a LAN is a problem that's elegantly solved by Internet LanBridge. The software includes a server portion, which you install on a Windows 95 or NT (3.51 or 4.0) system that has the ISDN or analog modem attached, as well as client software for all other computers on the network. LanBridge requires nothing more to hook up a LAN via ISDN or POTS than you'd need for a single computer: a modem, an account with an ISP and a way to connect to that ISP, such as a Windows 95 dial-up connection. LanBridge works on IPX, NetBIOS or IP networks. Three users, $195; unlimited users, $595 Virtual Motion, 415-778-0100, fax 415-778-0129. Winfo #638. Go To Full Review

LapLink for Windows 95
LapLink's 32-bit edition--a remote-control, file- transfer and chat program--offers many more options than prior versions. You can start LapLink 95 before the Windows 95 log-on screen appears, letting callers establish a LapLink session without automatically being granted access to your network. This useful feature was available in previous versions of LapLink, but needed to be keyed into the Win95 Registry to work properly. The program now uses data already stored in Windows 95's Dial-Up Networking. It also supports Win95's long filenames and will automatically truncate them when posting files to older software. Experienced users will appreciate LapLink's new TAPI support, which lets multiple programs share modems. $149; upgrade from LapLink 6.0, $49 Traveling Software, 800-343-8080, 206-483-8088. Winfo #639. Go To Full Review

pcAnywhere32 7.5
PcAnywhere's clear dialog boxes and logical organization make its comprehensive remote-control features easy to understand and use. Program wizards are available for many operations and can be called into action with the click of a button. From there you can access the program's key functions, including host and remote sessions, file transfers, network connections and links to online services. To set up a host session, you click on pcAnywhere's Be a Host PC button. Double-click on the Add a Host icon, and a wizard will take over. The Properties dialog box has tabs for modem and connection type, and for setting session parameters. Two-computer license, $149; upgrade, $89 Symantec Corp., 800-441-7234, 541-334-6054. Winfo #640.

WinFax PRO 8.0
WinFax PRO gives you the option of sending faxes over the Internet to fax machines that aren't connected to the Internet. It includes TalkWorks telephony software, which allows a computer with a voice-capable fax modem to record and store voice messages. With WinFax PRO, you don't pay a long-distance charge to send a fax if you're connected to the Internet. You don't even need a dedicated fax line or fax machine. After enabling the Internet fax service through the Setup Wizard, you can choose to fax through a normal phone line or via the Internet. $99 Symantec Corp., 800-441-7234, 541-334-6054. Winfo #641. Go To Full Review

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