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Borland C++Builder Professional
Borland C++Builder Professional is ideal for creating Windows business apps in C++ and integrating advanced database and Internet tools. Its RAD environment offers a comprehensive tool set that includes Virtual Channel Link (VCL) source code, advanced data-aware components, a scalable data dictionary and the Internet Solutions Pack. C++Builder generates C++ code when you do visual design, but it compiles both C++ and Object Pascal. Standard, $99; Professional, $799; Client/Server, $1,999 Borland International, 800-233-2444, 408-431-1000. Winfo #584. Go to Full Review

Crystal Info 4.5
Crystal Info 4.5 is a unique tool for building client/server decision support systems, so workgroups can share reports in an e-mail-like environment. The Info Desktop lists the reports that have been run. View the results directly or send them to others via VIM or MAPI e-mail. Use the package's tools for further analysis by building summarized results, changing sort orders and adding data groups. You can also apply filters, create charts in 80-plus styles or drill down to detailed information. $350 per user (5-user minimum) Seagate Software, 800-877-2340, 604-681-3435. Winfo #585. Go to Full Review

Delphi 3
Delphi 3 is a stunning RAD environment, with superior capabilities for building ActiveX controls and Web-centric apps. Delphi's Code Insight features make writing code easier. For example, with the Code Completion Wizard, type an object's name and a period, and Delphi's IDE displays a pop-up list of all the elements you can use, including each element's type (property, method or event). Other refinements include drag-and-drop editing, ToolTip-like expression evaluations for variables in Debug mode, and pop-up parameter lists. Standard, $99; Professional, $299; Client/Server, $1,995 Borland International, 800-233-2444, 408-431-1000. Winfo #586. Go to Full Review

Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Professional Edition
Visual Basic 5.0's new interface opens with the Gallery, a set of dialog boxes that let you build a new app using existing templates or from scratch. The Application Wizard prompts you to specify the elements to include in your app--from splash screen and About window to data-entry forms for flat files. You can select from a gallery of standard forms to add a new form to an app. There's even a wizard to handle the chore of building a master/detail database form. A native code compiler is another significant addition to this version. $499; upgrade from version 4.0, $199 Microsoft Corp., 800-426-9400, 206-882-8080. Winfo #587. Go to Full Review

Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0
Visual C++ 5.0's new Developer Studio features macro recording and automation using VBScript, an open object model, and extensions using ActiveX add-ins. The Studio's Class View, Wizard Bar and editor syntax coloring have all been significantly enhanced. The compiler has new options and improved optimization. Learning Edition, $99; Pro, $499; Enterprise, $1,199 Microsoft Corp., 800-426-9400, 206-882-8080. Winfo #619.

PowerBuilder 5.0
PowerBuilder 5.0 boasts an object-oriented visual development environment; significant database functionality and connectivity; ActiveX and database browsing controls; and report generators. PowerBuilder Desktop includes SQL Anywhere; ActiveX control support; galleries of ActiveX controls, applications and art; a syntax-coloring, self-indenting script editor; desktop ODBC drivers; and an install disk builder. PowerBuilder Professional adds client/server ODBC drivers, the Advanced Developers Toolkit and version control interfaces to the package. Desktop, $295; Professional, $1,295; Enterprise, $2,995 Powersoft, 800-395-3525, 508-287-1500. Winfo #588. Go to Full Review

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