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Fast Network Properties

Most people get at their Network Properties by launching Control Panel, then double-clicking on the Network icon. There's a faster way: Right-click on the Network Neighborhood icon and select Properties.

Find Your Path, Part II

If you tried the previous tip, you may find that it's hard to fit the entire path of some documents into the title bar. Here's how to change the font to something more compact. Right-click on your Desktop, select Properties, click on the Appearance tab, select Active Title Bar from the Item menu, then Arial Narrow from the Font menu.

David A. Devonport

Find Your Path, Part III

Here's another trick for finding out the path of a file: Launch the Run command dialog (Start/Run), clear the Open box by hitting the Backspace key, and then drag and drop the file of your choice into the Open box. Windows will type the full path of the file into the box.

Move the Start Button

Here's a neat, undocumented trick for moving your Start button to another place on the taskbar: Click on the Start button, then hit the Esc key. Press Alt+ - (the Alt key and, at the same time, the hyphen key), and then let go of both. Click on Move from the menu, and then use your right- and left-arrow keys to move the button. When the button is where you want it, press the Enter key. Note that when you restart Windows, the Start button will be back in its original location on the far left of the taskbar.

Sulaiman Alireza

Remove the Start Button

Follow the steps outlined in the "Move the Start Button" trick, but instead of selecting Move from the Context menu, select Close. The button will come back when you restart Windows.

Cheap Microphone

Instead of buying a microphone for your PC, you can use any available Sony Walkman-style headphones instead. Just plug them into your sound card's microphone plug and talk into the speakers.

Lyle Caldwell

A Fast Move

When you use Win95's Send To feature (right-click on the item, then select Send To from the Context menu) to place something on a floppy disk or on a drive other than your C: drive, the file is copied. To move it, hold down the Shift key while clicking on the Send To item.

Manos Roudas

Take a Sneak Peek

The next version of Windows will sport a cool new browser-like user interface based on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. Download a beta copy of IE 4.0 at the WINDOWS Magazine Free Win95 Software page (http://www.winmag.com/win95/software.htm)

Find Your Path, Part I

By default, Windows 95 hides from you the paths of files and folders. If you want the full paths spelled out on your window title bars (the colored area at the top of all open file and folder windows), double-click on My Computer, select View/Options, click on the View tab and select "Display the full MS-DOS path in the title bar."

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 102.

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