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Windows on the Web

-- by Paul Silverman

Take a tour of these sites to find the best shareware on the Web. For more top-notch shareware libraries, refer back to our April Cyberguide on Windows 95 (http://www.winmag.com/wow)


Dig for shareware with CMP Media's new File Mine. The site highlights and regularly reviews top picks, and offers roundups of popular product categories. The site indexes a number of file servers across the Internet, so you'll find its search engine extensive and reliable.


WinMag's own Software Library features alphabetical and categorical indexes of all our shareware picks from every issue, plus a new Windows gem every week. You can also download exclusive utilities, such as Wintune and Active XCavator, as well as all the programs written by WinMag's columnists.


The Galt Shareware Zone offers a monthly "hot dozen" downloads, plus weekly highlights of new additions. Check here for Desktop applications, Internet and multimedia programs, and tons of Desktop themes, games and screen savers.


The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) Web site is an excellent resource for shareware users and authors. Check the Member Links for a list of reputable software sites, or visit the Resources and Submit a Link areas for information on writing shareware and applying for ASP membership.


Do you love shareware but hate the download wait? Visit Walnut Creek CD-ROM for a listing of available shareware collections on CD-ROM. You can order general DOS or Win95, NT or 3.x libraries, or those geared toward specific categories, such as science or business.

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 248.

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