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Fine-Tune for Free
Here are some of the best free utilities you can use to protect and fine-tune your system. Download them now.
Compiled by David Hafke


Norton AntiVirus Free Scanner is a free version of the popular Norton AntiVirus. For the best protection, use the monthly virus definition updates available from Symantec's Web site (http://www.symantec.com).
Download NAV32SCN.EXE; 2.13MB

Resource Monitors

Memory Status displays the current memory stats, including total and available physical RAM, paging memory, virtual memory and free system resources.

CPU Load adds an icon to the Windows 95 system tray that shows a graph of CPU load.
Download CPULOAD.ZIP; 26KB

CPU Monitor adds an icon to the system tray that shows the current processor usage on a scale of 0 to 100 in increments of 10. You determine usage update intervals. Requires VB40032.DLL
Download CPUM-13B.ZIP; 20KB

APK Windows Memory Compacting Engine defragments and compacts Windows memory for smoother memory management.
Download APKWMEM32.ZIP; 1.68MB

StatBar monitors free system, user and Graphics Device Interface (GDI) resources as well as free hard disk space. It's also an application launcher that starts up to five of your favorite apps and will shut down, reboot or log you off with a single click.
Download STATBAR2.ZIP; 2.21MB

Disk Space Utilities

SpaceTracker monitors local and network drives for free space. It notifies you when free space falls below a level that you set.
Download SPCT9702.ZIP; 207KB

Bill Reid's DriveSpaceChek 1.0 sits on your Desktop and shows how much hard disk space is used and how much is free.

DiskData reports on the amount of space your files and folders take up.
Download DISKDATA.ZIP; 156KB

DUW shows you how much space a directory's files and subdirectories are using.
Download DUW121.ZIP; 267KB

Quick Disk displays a pie chart of free disk space in the system tray. Requires VB40032.DLL.
Download QUICD110.ZIP; 26KB

Shortcutter searches your hard disk for shortcuts with targets that have been moved or deleted. If it finds a broken link, it will attempt to find the correct target. If it can't find the target, it'll delete the shortcut.
Download SRTCUT.ZIP; 150KB

DLL Info

DLL Show for Windows 95 displays a list of all running processes and the DLLs they use. It also gives you information about the running processes' memory load and priority.
Download DLLSHOW.ZIP; 68KB

DLL Explorer shows which DLLs are being used by running processes. It provides version information for each DLL and specifies newly used and removed DLLs.
Download DLLEXPLR.ZIP; 253KB

PEsx is a shell extension that adds a tab to the Properties windows of EXE and DLL files. The tab reports the dependencies of a given DLL or application, and displays the complete dependency tree and full path and filename of each module.
Download PESX.ZIP; 30KB


Catch-UP searches the Internet for the latest versions of software residing on your system, then generates a list of possible updates and appropriate download sites.
Download CPW9511.EXE; 1.16MB

freeDUM 1.0 for Windows 95 is a dial-up manager that integrates and extends the features of Windows 95's dial-up component. FreeDUM displays session time and total online time; it supports multiple phone numbers per connection, sequential or random dialing, automatic disconnect, and automatic or manual reconnect.
Download FDUMI100.ZIP; 1.85MB

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