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Diagnostics for Your PC
Test Your Browser Power
Scour Your System
How's That Horsepower
Running on NT
Use 'Em or Lose Data
Quick Disk Fix for NT
Patch Patrol
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Keep Your PC Running Clean
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Fine-Tune for Free

Free Tune-Up!

Get the most out of your system -- pep up performance and run more efficiently -- without spending a dime.

When the car that carries you to work every day pings or puffs instead of accelerating, you know a tune-up's in order. And when the PC that carries you through a workday suddenly lacks the oomph that used to make short shrift of spreadsheets, you know it's time to take out the tools, get under the hood and make a few adjustments.

There are plenty of tools to tune a sluggish system. Utilities can put your hard disk in order, improve its efficiency and help restore its performance. Other programs will show you how your system's memory is being used, so that you can reallocate resources without having to buy more of them. Some utilities address specific applications, suggesting ways to make them work better for you.

But before you head to the software store with your utility shopping list in hand, take a look at what you may already have, and what you can get for just the price of a phone call. When you installed Windows 95 or NT, for example, the operating system brought along a few companion utilities. Used appropriately--and often--these tools can help ensure a smooth and speedy ride.

And what your operating system may lack, the Web has to offer. WINDOWS Magazine offers several tune-up utilities that are just a download away. Our free utilities alone can help you do some serious performance tuning, but there's even more available. And you can get it at an unbeatable price--free.

Diagnostics for Your PC

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