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Game-Boy for Windows?

-- by John D. Ruley

Not exactly, but Microsoft's Entertainment Pack for Windows CE is just as amusing if you're sitting in traffic. It offers hand-held PC games like Chess (with eight levels-even level 1 is too much

for me), Codebreaker, Sink the Ships (a Battleship clone), Minesweeper, Reversi, Taipei (a mah-jongg clone), Blackjack, Hearts and FreeCell. My personal favorite is Space Defense, a politically correct update of the old Missile Command arcade game. All have surprisingly good sound effects, and several support an IR-port multi-player mode.

$34.95. Microsoft Corp., 800-426-9400, 206-882-8080. Circle #847 or visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page 327.

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