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NT Product Pipeline
NT Product Pipeline

Scalable SQL 4

This database for Windows NT and Novell NetWare lets independent software developers create custom database applications. It supports Inscribe Visual Basic scripting, triggers and stored procedures; transactional logging; and files up to 64GB in size. The database can convert Btrieve databases into a relational SQL format. The program supports clients for DOS, Windows 3.x, 95 and NT.

From $995 for 10 users

Pervasive Software

800-BTRIEVE, 512-794-1719

Circle #610

ConText Option Release 2.0

This option for Oracle Universal Server lets you search vast amounts of text-based data residing in apps or Web sites driven by Oracle databases. You can search for documents across the Internet via URL pointers, and extract key themes and summaries from text. The software supports most standard file formats, including ASCII, HTML, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat PDF.

From $495

Oracle Corp.

800-ORACLE-1, 415-506-7000

Circle #611

Network Appliance NetApp F630

The enterprise file server is positioned for mission-critical customers such as Internet service providers or engineering departments. It runs Network Appliance's custom microkernel OS, which rapidly stores or retrieves even large CAD/CAM files. The server is based on Digital's Alpha RISC processor, and supports from 128MB to 512MB of ECC RAM, up to 459GB of storage and five Fast Ethernet connections.

From $70,000

Network Appliance

800-44-FILER, 408-367-3000

Circle #612

FrontOffice for Microsoft Exchange

This document management software, positioned as an alternative to Lotus Notes, lets you manage file versions across an enterprise. You can publish documents to the Internet or an intranet, search for documents across a network and collaborate on files with other users. The program requires Microsoft Exchange Server and supports Windows NT performance monitoring, event logging, alerts and connection management.

From $125 per user

FrontOffice Technologies

415-570-6000, fax 415-570-6600

Circle #614

HP JetDirect 150X

Hewlett-Packard's print server links printers directly to a network, rather than through a network file server or PC. In effect, printing speeds can be significantly increased. The print server also notifies remote PCs when a printer needs more paper or ink. It includes HP's JetAdmin software, which eases printer configuration, and supports Novell NetWare 3.x/4.x and NT 3.5x/4.x networks.

From $150

Hewlett-Packard Co.


Circle #615

WireMan 2.0

NHC Communication's software package provides SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) tools to proactively monitor, configure and manage network devices. WireMan displays graphical views of your wiring closets, and lets you drag and drop various resources (PCs, workstations, printers, routers and bridges) from one network segment to another. When a change is made, the software automatically creates a work order detailing the equipment location and needed repairs or modifications. It requires a Pentium PC running Windows 3.x or Win95.

From $1,000

NHC Communications

800-361-1965, 514-735-2741

Circle #613


The secret is out: Confidential lets you secure files on your workstation or laptop using encryption technology. It can quickly encode and hide files, documents or directories at your discretion. By running Confidential on multiple networked NT workstations, you can share encrypted files among several authorized users.


Software Shelf International

800-962-2290, 415-631-8900

Circle #616

ServerProtect 4.0

Trend Micro's antivirus software can be installed onto hundreds of remote servers from a central administration console. It includes Cascade Update, a system that distributes new virus pattern files across all the servers within a domain. Cascade can also generate a single report based on virus activity on your servers.

From $495 for 25 users

Trend Micro

800-228-5651, 408-257-1500

Circle #617

NuTcracker 3.0

Migrating UNIX apps to Windows NT just got easier. Datafocus' NuTcracker 3.0 supports most popular APIs available for Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and UNIX, as well as standard Win32 APIs. The broad API support lets you port UNIX apps to NT and vice versa.

From $3,495


800-637-8034, 703-803-3343

Circle #619

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT22.

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