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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Software
WinCenter 3.0
Multitasking NCs

Network Computing Devices, the company behind IBM's network computer (NC) hardware, also knows a thing or two about NC software.

WinCenter 3.0, a multi-user Windows NT service, delivers NT, UNIX and Java applications to NCs, PCs and UNIX workstations.

WinCenter is built on top of Citrix Systems' WinFrame (see "NT Administrator" in this section) and lets two or more people simultaneously interact with a session. This "shadowing" technique permits NT administrators to diagnose user problems over the network. A new load-balancing feature automatically assigns users to the least-busy WinCenter server, while Dynamic BOOTP support lets WinCenter servers automatically assign IP addresses to NCs, printers, routers or other networked devices.

If you're using a mixed NC/PC environment, your current desktop PCs can connect to WinCenter servers via new thin-client software for Windows.

From $2,295 for five users

Network Computing Devices

800-866-4080, 415-694-0650

Circle #643

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT17.

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