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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline -- Software
NetWorker 4.4
Speedy Recovery

NetWorker 4.4 is the latest upgrade in the expanding Windows NT storage management market. The software lets you back up, restore, archive and manage NT data.

NetWorker offers automated operation with scheduling, auto changer support and advanced media handling (including bar-code tracking). A new administrative GUI lets you manage remote clients from a central workstation, and an Emergency Repair disk lets you recover from Registry errors.

Legato Systems also offers add-on modules (available separately for an additional fee), similar to those of rivals Seagate and Cheyenne, that back up Microsoft's SQL Server and Exchange Server while they're online.

From $1,000 per server

Legato Systems

415-812-6000, fax 415-812-6032

Circle #644

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT17.

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