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Centri Bronze
Internet Guardian

Now that you've deployed a Windows NT Web server, you can secure it with Centri Bronze. The software package combines a firewall and a network monitoring system.

Global Internet Software says Centri Bronze is ideal for small and mid-sized companies, department networks and branch offices that lack specialized security administrators.

Using the firewall, NT administrators can apply security policies in a drag-and-drop manner to any user or group within a Windows NT domain. It includes a Policy Builder utility that displays complex security policies as a flowchart or decision tree.

Centri Bronze also offers real-time notification of unusual network activity, high-speed Web caching, network address translation and URL filtering. Its multilayer Kernel Proxy architecture combines the security of an application proxy and the speed of a packet filter, and secures third-party applications such as e-mail software. The firewall includes out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, RealAudio, Microsoft Exchange, VDOLive, NetMeeting, CoolTalk, ftp and telnet.

$2,995 for unlimited users

Global Internet Software Group


Circle #642

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT17.

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