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Hummingbird Mail Server
E-Mail Takes Flight

Hummingbird Communications is taking flight in the messaging market. Like Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 (see story above), the Hummingbird Mail Server supports Internet standards such as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and was written specifically for NT.

According to Hummingbird, the software handles 20 messages per second and stores up to 4 billion mail messages in logical volumes that span multiple disks.

Mail Server also supports dial-up ISP (Internet service provider) connections and multiple virtual domains on a single server. It also maps multiple user names to a single physical account.

The software requires Windows NT Server 3.51 or later with 64MB of RAM and at least 35MB of disk space (not including user accounts)

From $995 for 99 users

Hummingbird Communications Ltd.

416-496-2200, fax 416-496-2207

Circle #640

Windows Magazine, June 1997, page NT16.

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